UMSL Logos & Graphics

The University of Missouri–St. Louis is recognized by its name and the symbols that represent the organization. Consistency helps the university establish a clearly focused and effective brand identity.

University colors

UMSL’s official color is red. The official secondary color is yellow. See section 2, “Color guidelines,” of UMSL Style for information on UMSL colors.

• Pantone Matching System: 201 (red) and 124 (yellow)
• CMYK values: C 7, M 100, Y 65, K 32 (red) and C 0, M 27, Y 100, K 0 (yellow)
• RGB values: R 152, G 30, B 50 (red) and R 234, G 171, B 0 (yellow)
• Web, HTML values: 981E32 (red) and EAAB00 (yellow)

University logo shield and logotype

See section 3, “Logo shield and logotype policies,” of UMSL Style for information on how to use and properly display the UMSL logo shield and logotype.

Visit the Printing Services website to download EPS, TIFF, JPEG and GIF versions of the UMSL logo shield and logotype.

The UMSL Tritons Logo Usage Guide contains information on UMSL Tritons logo usage.

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