Alumna Kim Hudson gets morning show on FOX 2

UMSL alumna Kim Hudson

Kim Hudson on the set of KTVI, Channel 2′s AM Show. (Photo by August Jennewein)

A University of Missouri–St. Louis alumna has moved into a high-profile anchor position, one that might have her helping in the kitchen one minute and delivering hard-hitting news the next.

Kim Hudson took over on Monday as host of “AM Show,” the 9 a.m. morning news show on KTVI (Channel 2), known locally as FOX 2. She replaces former host Tim Ezell, who left to pursue a career in ministry.

Hudson’s first day in the 9 a.m. spot was filled with well wishes from UMSL faculty, staff and alumni. Mascot Louie and the Triton cheerleaders greeted her with a live cheer from the Mark Twain Athletic and Fitness Center. Hudson said she is thrilled with her new position and hopes to live up to the reputation that Ezell gave to the show.

“Tim poured his heart and soul into this show,” Hudson said after her debut broadcast. “He created it with videographer Tim McGovern. I just want to take good care of their baby. I am flattered to get this opportunity.”

Hudson learned she’d be getting the 9 a.m. spot after 14 years in St. Louis television and four years on camera at FOX 2. Her career includes time as a reporter on camera and work behind the scenes as an engineer. Most recently, she anchored the 4 a.m. spot, greeting first responders, doctors, service workers and other up-all-nighters with their first news of the day.

Hudson’s path to her new position was an unexpected one. She graduated from Metro Academic and Classical High School in St. Louis with interests in science and with parents who hoped she would become a doctor. As a talented biology and Pierre Laclede Honors College student at UMSL, she shocked her classmates when she switched her major to medical physics. In her fifth year, she realized that she had a passion for journalism and switched again to mass communication.

UMSL alumna Kim Hudson (left)

UMSL alumna Kim Hudson (left) learns how to make s’mores dip from Carol Hurst, of the Olde Town Spice Shoppe in St. Charles. The cooking segment was part of the Hudson’s July 20 inaugural show as anchor of FOX 2′s “AM Show.” (Photo by August Jennewein)

During her time at UMSL, Hudson was also active on the dance team and wrote for The Current. Her mother, Stephanie Hudson, is also a UMSL alumna, graduating in 1993 with degrees in sociology and social work.

Hudson doesn’t remember exactly when she became attracted to journalism as a career but said that a current events class in high school helped to pique her interest. She began to see working in news as a way to break down stereotypes.

“I was wanting to tell the truth about women, children, people of color and poor people,” Hudson said. “I felt like there are so many stereotypes out there. I wanted to be one of the journalists I saw every day working to break those, working to tell people that when there’s a shooting in north St. Louis, there’s a family behind it.”

In her first broadcast as host, Hudson ran all over the FOX 2 studios. By the end of the hour, she’d demonstrated proper workout techniques, assisted in making a delicious s’mores dip, interviewed participants in the upcoming Garage Bag Gala and more.

Mike Murray, Curators’ Teaching Professor for Media Studies at UMSL, appeared during the show. As a student, Hudson often went beyond the basics of her assignments, taking care to go into details on current-events quizzes and conduct more interviews on a topic than were required.

Many graduates who enter the news field go elsewhere for their careers, Murray said. Because Hudson has stayed in St. Louis, she will be able to remind the community of the high quality of UMSL’s media studies and communications programs.

“The career trajectory of most people in TV news means that many of our sharpest and most ambitious alumni had to leave town to become successful in smaller markets,” Murray said. “It is a tremendous tribute to Kim that the managers at FOX 2 have put their faith in her. This faith is well-placed and very well-deserved.”

Murray was among the UMSL faculty who helped to inspire Hudson to pursue her career and to understand what it took to be a great journalist. Journalists have to be strong writers and understand that the work is not glamorous or high-paying, at least not at first.

“It’s not about being on-air and looking pretty. It’s about getting information to your neighbors,” Hudson said.

Visit the FOX 2 website to view a clip of Hudson interviewing Mike Murray. And visit the UMSL Instagram page to watch the UMSL Tritons cheerleaders perform a special cheer for Hudson for her first day on the new job.

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