7 Time Management Apps Every Entrepreneur Needs

As a college student, it goes without saying you’re busy, don’t have a lot of free time, and if you’re anything like myself, rips my hair out and curls into a ball every mention of a research paper.

As a college entrepreneur, it’s like 60 times worse. How is one supposed to find time to do homework, research papers, and run a profitable business? Don’t worry, UMSL Accelerate understands the struggle. That’s why we put together these 7 time management apps that will surely make your life as a college entrepreneur easier.

  1. Trello
    Trello is an organization sidekick used by professionals, screenwriters, moms, and anyone managing a big project! Referred as a “Lifehacker”, Trello lets you create boards to manage anything you’re doing, invite and collaborate ideas with classmates or coworkers, add check lists, assignments and customize workflows for different projects. Is it crazy that “knowledge and experience of Trello” was actually a required skill on a resume? That might be a hint to get this app downloaded and use it as a marketable skill.
  2. Evernote
    Although it might take a minute to navigate through all its features, Evernote is a handy tool you should have at your disposal. Never get disorganized again with searchable notebooks, checklists and to do lists. Plus it syncs everywhere across all devices!
  3. Slack
    Made for small businesses or large enterprises, Slack was created for teams of all sizes to collaborate in one place. You can message, delegate, share information and add attachments to your projects whether you’re on campus or on the go. Slack is the one stop place for your entrepreneurial needs!
  4. Zoom
    Zoom is an app used to help you stay connected wherever you go. Schedule, start, and join meetings with ease. Zoom gives you and your team the ability to have virtual presentations, a co annotate feature to share ideas, and easily invite up to 50 phone,email, and company contacts.
  5. Wunderlist
    Wunderlist is a simple way to check off items from your to do list. Wunderlist is literally designed to help you get stuff done. Recurring notifications helps us stay on track and never miss deadlines.
  6. Google Drive
    If you and your team aren’t using Google drive to archive and manage all your documents, spreadsheets, and slides, then come on man what are you doing? Google Drive lets you share files, pdfs, photos, and videos with your whole time. You can quickly access recent files and see real time time edits. Google Drive automatically backups every time you make a keystroke! Talk about a lifesaver!
  7. Super Notes
    Super Notes allows the saving of notes, recordings, images and more, so university students can better follow lectures without having to worry about writing every single thing down. With this app you can potentially sound record your lectures and take photos of any important slides, making note-taking that little bit more fun and interactive. Any written notes you make can also be color-coded for ease of reference, while the share function on the app allows you to share your notes online or download them onto a computer for backup.

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