Turning Dreams Into Scholarships


This year, the smart minds at UMSL wanted a kind of program where students could gain the entrepreneurial knowledge and experience needed to run their own business, but strategically through entrepreneurship courses, start-up experience, and mentorship.

So then came the birth of the Entrepreneurial Scholars and Interns Program (ESIP). Last year, ESIP launched to introduce students from different degree programs to entrepreneurial principles and practices that’ll creates a network of connections centered on entrepreneurship.

Winners of this contest will receive 3 to 4 approved entrepreneurial-related courses and engage in a 10-week, paid summer internship. We got a chance to speak with the 2017-2018 ESIP winner Nicholas Adams about what got him interested in the first place, and hat he wishes to gain from this once of a lifetime possibility.

Why did you apply for the program?
“I had an earlier interest in entrepreneurship, but I never seen anything that quite fit what I wanted to do. This year saw ESIP thought I go for it, I felt the program was interesting, so I decided to shoot from the hip.”

What area of business are you in?
“I’m working with a sort of startup company in the financial industry. But I read a lot of Warren Buffet, so I eventually want to go into the investing side of things.”

What did you expect to get out of the program?
I wanted an internship with a company so I can expand my skills. Even if I don’t continue with it, I wanted to learn the basic entrepreneurial principals. It’s also cool to be apart of an environment with other students with the same mindset

What does being an entrepreneur mean to you?
Entrepreneurs like think differently. We like to challenge the status quo. I wanted to join ESIP because I like to play with assumed systems, and make it my own.

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