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Three Questions: HIS-Story Panelists Talk “Success”

By: Sabrina McGuire 

“Success is a journey, not a destination” says Harlan Hodge during the start of HIS-Story, a panel sponsored by the Black Business Student Association at UMSL. During this event, we were able to speak to and ask questions with a “panelist of dreams”. Starring Jesse Sanders, Andre Stevens, Ono Ikanone, Jarel Loveless, and Corey Ellis. The special guests gave us insight into their day-to-day, gave advice on climbing the corporate latter, and what inspires them to give back to the community. Here are three questions we asked the panelists:

1. What is your job title and why?

“I currently work at Boeing Company as a quality engineer. I get the spares for the planes, I go through quality inspections for planes. As for my company Ono Celebrations, it is a marketing company that started off throwing parties providing a nice time for people. I now throw events for rural businesses and events. I’m able to reach non-profits, business, and more.” -Ono Ikanone, Engineer and CEO of Ono Celebrations


2. What is something that inspires you?

“Faith, keeps me grounded. My mom also inspires me. My mom retired twice, went back to school to get her masters in nursing. She is now 70 years old still working as a nurse practitioner. She has always been my drive to think of ways to think better, to be better. Second is my dad. He has given me all of my analytical skills, and a lot different things that have a lot to do with my hands. I also had a mentor who took me under his wing. He showed  me what it takes to navigate under a corporate setting.” –Jesse Sanders in IT


“I’m not about chasing income, but chasing impact”, says Jesse Sanders in IT. 


3. Thinking about your college experiences, what were the most valuable and insightful?

“When I was in college all I did was go to class and go back to my dorm. One thing I would change is utilizing the university. While you’re in college utilize the professors and stay connected to your professors. Navigate your career (Find your path) to get to that next level is a key and being in control. Be who YOU needed when you were younger.”-Andre Stevens in IT

This event was much needed for the business students who anticipate working in the corporate world. Please lets us know what you other events you like for us to cover here at the university. Don’t forget to Like, Comment, and Share this post!