DEI in the Academic Workplace

ODEI is launching a new program this fall for faculty and staff.  The program is based on the curriculum for Diversity 101 and is divided into three mini-courses.  The curriculum is designed to help participants develop the awareness, knowledge, and skills for building a more inclusive working and learning environment in the academic workplace context.

It is recommended, but not required, that you complete all three levels in consecutive order.  If you have previously completed Diversity 101, the material will be a review (which is always good), but you are invited to participate (with a new cohort!) and earn the digital badges for each mini-course in this series.

Each micro-course involves videos, activities, optional resources for deeper learning, and discussions with peers.  There are two options for participation: virtual conversations on Zoom or online discussions on Canvas.

Registration is now open for   Level One:   Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Foundations


OPTION 1: September 20  – October 15, 2021   Discussions on Canvas   (on your own schedule, meeting weekly deadlines)    REGISTER HERE                       

OPTION 2:   October 20, November 3, November 17, and December 1         Discussions on Zoom   WEDNESDAYS  12 – 1pm   REGISTER HERE