Diversity 101

Diversity 101 is a highly interactive, fully online professional development course that explores the concepts of diversity and inclusion particularly as they pertain to higher education. It is a free, non-credit bearing course open to all faculty and staff at the University of Missouri St. Louis.

The curriculum is designed to help participants develop the awareness, knowledge, and skills for building a more inclusive working and learning environment on our campus.   Participants who complete the course and the assignments will earn a digital badge!

The Diversity 101 curriculum draws on relevant theories from intercultural communication, conflict resolution, organizational communication, as well as research in other areas of social sciences to provide learners with the opportunity to critically examine their own perspectives and develop new ways of thinking about and engaging with others.

Although the course is theory-based, this is not an academic course, no prior knowledge is required, and the content and resources are presented in a way that everyone can relate to and understand. The course curriculum is focused on creating a baseline of awareness and understanding.  Additional resources are included for those who are ready to delve deeper.

Download the Diversity 101_Summer 2021 course calendar.

The summer intensive schedule condenses a semester-long course into 8 weeks. Participants will need to spend approximately 2 hours each week.

Dialogue with peers is essential for learning in this course.  You can participate in these discussions asynchronously in Canvas OR synchronously via Zoom…or BOTH!

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Intensive Summer Session

Course Schedule

Asynchronous Synchronous

(Wednesdays,             12-1pm)

Module 1: Building a Learning Community

Module 2: Introduction to Diversity

June 21 – 25 June 23 (special session 12-2pm)
Module 3:  Identities and Intersectionality June 28-July 2 June 30
Module 4: Introduction to Unconscious bias July 6-10 July 7
Module 5: Introduction to Microaggressions July 12-16 July 14
Module 6:  Introduction to Privilege July 19 – 23 July 21
Module 7: Diversity & Inclusion on Campus July 26-30 July 28
Module 8: Introduction to Cultural Competence August 2-6 August 4
Module 9: Building Blocks for Inclusion & Action Planning August 9-13 August 11

Self-paced Option– You go through the modules on your own at your own pace, but there is no interaction with colleagues.  Click here to register.