Diversity 101 Self-Paced

The Diversity 101 curriculum is designed to help participants develop the awareness, knowledge, and skills for building a more inclusive working and learning environment on our campus. The course provides learners with the opportunity to critically examine their own perspectives and develop new ways of thinking about and engaging with others.   No prior knowledge is required.

The self-paced version of the  course is designed for people who prefer to complete the modules at their own pace.  Although there is no  interaction with colleagues., you will receive feedback from the instructor on module assignments.   If you prefer to learn with and have discussions with  a cohort of peers,  check out the DEI in the Academic Workplace Series or DEI Short Courses. 

Although various types of support are offered, successful completion of this course requires a high level self-motivation and organization.  This is why the digital credential offered for completion of the course is called Diversity Champion

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