Diversity 101

Diversity 101 is a foundational course that will provide you with an opportunity to enhance your knowledge, awareness, and skills for providing leadership around diversity and inclusion issues; working more effectively with people with identities and backgrounds different than your own; and for making UMSL a more welcoming and inclusive place to learn and work.

The Diversity 101 curriculum draws on relevant theories from intercultural communication, conflict resolution, organizational communication, as well as research in other areas of social sciences to provide learners with the opportunity to critically examine their own perspectives and develop new ways of thinking about and engaging with others.

Although the course is theory-based, this is not an academic course, no prior knowledge is required, and the content and resources are presented in a way that everyone can relate to and understand. The course curriculum is focused on creating a baseline of awareness and understanding.  Additional resources are included for those who are ready to delve deeper.

Block One – Foundations of Diversity & Inclusion (Feb 1-19)

  • Module 0: Course Introduction: Building a Learning Community
  • Module 1: Introduction to Diversity
  • Module 2:  Diversity & Identities

Block Two – Obstacles to Inclusion  (March 8-26)

  • Module 3: Introduction to Unconscious bias
  • Module 4: Introduction to Microaggressions
  • Module 6:  Introduction to Privilege

Block Three –  Creating Cultures of Inclusion (April 5-23)

  • Module 7: Diversity & Inclusion on Campus
  • Module 8: Introduction to Cultural Competence
  • Module 9: Building Blocks for Inclusion, Action Planning, and Course Closing

Diversity 101 allow for participation with a cohort in two ways:

Asynchronously – You engage in online discussions with colleagues on a discussion forum on your own schedule but with weekly deadlines (and no Zoom meetings).

Synchronously – In addition to the Canvas course, you engage with colleagues in scheduled Zoom discussions instead of (or in addition to) written discussions on discussion forums.

Click here to register for the Spring 2021 cohort.

Self-paced Option– You go through the modules on your own at your own pace, but there is no interaction with colleagues.  Click here to register.