Anti-Racism Learning and Dialogue Series

Anti-Racism Learning and Dialogue Series

Developing Racial Literacy (Sessions 1-4)- The purpose of this first part of the series is to develop a shared understanding of race as well as related terminology and concepts.

Developing an Anti-Racist Foundation and Practice (Sessions 5-9) – This part of the series builds on the foundational knowledge from part one to explore how racism and racial inequality is perpetuated through personal, structural, and systemic actions. Finally, we will develop strategies and an action plan for actively engaging in anti-racist behaviors and practices.

Bi-monthly Zoom dialogues: start as full group, structured discussion in small groups, debrief full group)

Pre-work:  Review of short articles or videos is required to fully engage in meaningful discussions.

Individuals who complete the series will earn the Anti-Racist in Progress badge.

Zoom discussions take place every other Wednesday 10-11:30 am                

  **Missed sessions can be made up on Canvas.


Session 1 = Laying the groundwork February 10
Session 2 = Defining race and racial literacy February 24
Session 3 =  Sharing stories of racialization March 10
Session 4 =  Defining and identifying racism March 24
Session 5 =  Understanding Everyday Whiteness & White Privilege April 7
Session 6 – Theorizing Whiteness April 21
Session 7 –  Understanding anti-blackness May 5
Session 8 –  Understanding what it means to be anti-racist May 19
Session 9 – Principles of allyship and advocacy & Action Planning June 2