Core Concepts

This introductory level series provides an opportunity to learn about foundational concepts of diversity, equity, and inclusion in a judgement-free zone.

Earn the Diversity Ambassador Badge by attending at least 3 sessions AND getting a colleague to attend at least two sessions (or two colleagues to attend at least one session).  When you have completed these requirements, please fill out this form to claim your badge. 

NOTE:  If the dates and times don’t work for your schedule, considering taking Diversity 101, which covers many of the same topics, but has a more flexible schedule.  

Spring 2021

Tuesdays 12-1:30pm

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Summer 2021

Tuesdays 1-2:30pm

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 Moving Towards Inclusive Excellence: Introduction to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

In this session, participants will:

§  gain a nuanced understanding of the various meanings of, and the potential impact of, diversity & inclusion in higher education and the workplace

§  understand how and why the inclusive excellence framework guides our strategic planning and daily work at UMSL

§  identify knowledge or skills gaps for next steps in professional development


April 6



June 22
 Understanding Ourselves, Understanding Others:  Introduction to Identity and Intersectionality

In this session, participants will:

§  explore different aspects of our multi-layered identities through identity mapping and consider the implications of our identities at work

§  learn about the concept of intersectionality and why it is important

April 20 June 29
 What’s culture got to do with it?  Introduction to Culture, Communication, and Values

In this session, participants will:

§  gain a better understanding of the concept of culture and its impact on our values and communication styles

§  apply an intercultural communication framework for understanding cultural differences

§  learn a framework for cultural competence and how it applies to your work environment.

May 4 July 13
Obstacles to inclusion: Introduction to implicit bias, microaggressions, stereotype threat, and imposter syndrome

In this session, participants will learn what these interrelated concepts are and how they negatively impact individuals and our working/learning environment.

May 18 July13
Making the invisible visible:  Introduction to Social Privilege and Normative Power

In this session, participants will:

§  learn what social privilege is and what it is not

§  develop a better understanding of one’s own privileged and not privileged identities

§  understand the exclusionary power of what is considered normal or mainstream and how it functions to reproduce unequal social relations

June 1 July 27