Winter break, a great time to keep on learning!

It is challenging to find time to do anything extra these days, especially during the busy semester.  So, winter break is a great time to make time for some of those things we keep meaning to do!

We in the ODEI hope that one of those things is to continue your learning journey in diversity, equity, and inclusion! To that end,  the ODEI has an exciting new set of resources to offer you!

First, our wonderful graduate assistant, Clare Dudoit (Social Work, MSW), has spent the semester doing a major upgrade to our Learning Resources library.  You will now find a very robust set of multi-media resources (videos, blogs, articles) on a variety of topics.

Additionally, you may want to explore our Percipio Channel  (UMSL log in required), a curated set of Percipio resources as well as customized content such as the Inclusive Language Series  featuring special guest speakers from UMSL’s talented pool of faculty and staff.

And don’t forget, when the Spring semester begins, so will the ODEI professional development offerings!

We look forward to seeing you next year!