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Day 2: AMD Excitement

On Thursday September 27th, I ventured back to Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) to see if anything new was going on and most certainly there was. When I arrived at the booth they greeted me by name and gave me a hug. It was such a great experience being able to find a company like AMD that was open to not only connecting with me professionally but also by being a mentor/friend. AMD has such a great authentic and diverse environment that when you meet them professionally they consider you to be a friend. I will have a long-lasting mentorship bond with Delphine Hamant, Amy Bergman, Constance Upshaw, Isabel Camaclang, Anna Fieger, Neveresa  “Nevy” Mustafic (not pictured), Aarti Pandey (not pictured), and Sarah Feller (not pictured) from AMD. 


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