Required Online Training Modules through myLearn – Deadline September 30th

Training is an important part of ensuring a safe and positive learning and workplace environment for our University community. Your required annual training is now available in myLearn and must be completed by September 30.

Beginning September 23, you will receive daily alerts until your requirement has been met. Supervisors will be informed of their direct reports’ completion status as the process continues.

To complete your online course, sign into myLearn and select the “Learning Plan” icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. You may launch required training from your Learning Plan page. Please note, training required for this fiscal year will be clearly marked as due on September 30, 2018. Training required for next year may already be viewable on this page, but will be marked with a due date of 2019. You do not need to complete that training at this time.

Possible training requirements

Please note, some faculty and staff members will have additional required modules in their myLearn learning plan. Below are training modules required for all faculty and staff.

Building a Foundation: Discrimination Prevention and Title IX (Refresher) – The UM System has an ongoing commitment to support and promote inclusion, respect and diversity. Faculty and staff are required to complete online compliance training every two years. If you completed Building a Foundation last fiscal year, review a brief refresher.

Please note, myLearn only tracks course completion status and date. Therefore, when you review the refresher, it will not show as “complete.” If you are unsure of your Title IX course completion from last fiscal year, please review your myLearn learning transcript, located on the left hand navigation menu of the myLearn home page.

Campus Alert Training – In order to better protect and empower our community, the UM System and our university colleagues have developed Campus Alert Training to provide information on the Emergency Alert System and how you can assess and respond to emergency situations.

Global IT Security Basics – Because so much of what we do involves technology in some form, University policy requires faculty and staff to complete Global IT Security Basics training annually to protect University information assets and IT systems, and to protect yourself from cybercriminals.

Questions about accessing or completing Title IX or Campus Alert Training

If you have questions about accessing or completing Title IX or Campus Alert Training, reach out to the HR Service Center at 573-882-2146, toll-free at 800-488-5288 or via email at For questions relating to Global IT Security Basics, please contact the UM Chief Information Security Officer at for assistance.

If you have a disability as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act and require specific accommodations, such as alternate formats of the courses, please contact UM Human Resources at or dial 573-884-1878. Human Resources will make every effort to provide an accommodation.

Our New Payroll Partners in Columbia

Starting in September, UMSL payroll will now be processed by the MU payroll/operations staff.   We would like to introduce the staff members who will be assisting, and we look forward to our new partnership with MU HR/Payroll Operations.

Amy McKenzie is the Associate Director of MU’s HR/Payroll Operations. She has been with the university since 2002 and with the UM HR office since 2011.  Amy has been working with payroll in some capacity since 1999, and has enjoyed every area she’s been in.

Taylor Halliburton is the HR Assistant that will be responsible for most of the payroll transactions for UMSL. She’s been with MU since 2014 and with MU’s Payroll office since last November, and her customer service skills will be a wonderful asset for our campus.

Kim Jones-Jackson is the Sr. HR Manager and is responsible for CAPS (HR processing), NER and Payroll functions for the MU campus. She’s been with MU since 2004 and with our office since 2016. She always has a smile and the customer’s needs are her focus.

Contacting MU Payroll: – Taylor and Kim are reviewing email that comes to this account and will respond to payroll and timesheet hours/approvals questions.

Employees with general questions about their paychecks, myHR access, etc., can contact the System Service Desk (573/882-2146, Toll Free:800-488-5288 or

Departments and/or employees can reach the MU office at 573/882-7976, option 3.  This will put you in touch with Taylor.

Escalation – Please know you can reach out directly to Kim or Amy if the need arises at 573-882-6548.


Human Resources Welcomes Muzhda Rasool

Please join us in welcoming Muzhda Rasool to the HR Team, as our new HR Assistant.  Muzhda will provide administrative support to the campus.

Muzhda has worked as a Home Health Aide, Patient Access Representative, and most recently as a Human Resources Intern with a senior living facility.   She also holds an M.A. in Human Resources Management from Webster University, as well as a B.A. in Healthcare Management with an emphasis in Health Care Administration.

We are happy to have Muzhda on our team and look forward to working with her!

Benefits Annual Enrollment: October 15 – 26

Get ready for Annual Enrollment! Here are a few things to know for 2019:

• Your benefits guide will be available online at the week of September 24th, 2018.  Please check the site and review prior to enrolling. Hard copies will be available at your local HR office or the HR Service Center in October. Visit to find a location.

• Review your current benefit elections in myHR ( and update personal information, such as address, that is outdated. Submit elections in myHR during Annual Enrollment, Oct. 15-26, even if you want to waive coverage.

• Submit elections in myHR during Annual Enrollment, Oct. 15-26, even if you want to waive coverage.

• There will be one set of premiums regardless of tobacco use.  Premiums for 2019 are based on tobacco-free premiums. You’re no longer required to complete a tobacco attestation. Note: Tobacco cessation programs are still available to support those who need them. Learn more:

• The 2019 Wellness Incentive utilizes a new structure to help you achieve continuous progress. The $450 incentive will be split evenly between two cycles. Eligible participants can complete Cycle 2 even if they don’t complete Cycle 1.

• Learn about the University’s free language services at

Need help? Contact the HR Service Center! Reach us at (573) 882-2146, toll-free at (800) 488-5288, or via email at

HR Offers Teambuilding Workshops

True Colors workshop at Child Advocacy Center,
presented by Megan Jakel, HR Consultant

“The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together, the club won’t be worth a dime.” – Babe Ruth

Teambuilding exercises have become part of the modern workplace landscape, and according to, they’re one of the most important ways to foster open communication, gratitude, and motivation amongst employees, thereby boosting productivity.  UMSL Human Resources currently offers two workshops that cultivate all of these benefits.  To contact HR about workshop opportunities, scroll to the end of this post.

True Colors features a personality profiling system that is a model for understanding yourself and others based on your personality temperament.  It provides insights into different motivations, actions, and communication approaches, allowing teams to improve communication through a greater understanding and recognition of each other’s true character, according to

Jerry Dunn, Director of the UMSL Child Advocacy Center, had this to say about a recent True Colors workshop, facilitated by HR Consultant, Megan Jakel:  “She (Megan) was so dynamic and made the information accessible to everyone! From my viewpoint, her goal of everyone getting to know themselves and each other a bit more was met SPOT ON! We laughed and had a lot of fun—it was a great sendoff for our holiday weekend.

Languages of Appreciation:  According to, “Research with over 100,000 employees found that over 50% want to be appreciated in ways other than words.”  Each person likes to be shown gratitude in different ways.  While some like to hear words of praise, others would prefer offers of help, or tangible gifts.  This workshop helps employees discover which of the 5 languages of appreciation they most identify with, as well as how to best show their gratitude to others.

For more information on these and other teambuilding seminars, contact your designated consultant, or call Human Resources at 314-516-4130, or


New Employee Orientation 9.10.18

Welcome New Employees!

The following employees were in attendance at the most recent New Employee Orientation on September 10, 2018.  Please join us in welcoming them to UMSL!

From Left to Right:

Josh Ballenot: Network Engineer – Entry (Infrastructure Services)
Kathryn Johnson: Office Support Assistant III (English)
Tiffani Thompson: OSA IV (Cashiers)
Cassidy Thompson: Academic Advisor (International Studies)
Erin Stringfellow: Research Project Analyst Lead (MIMH)
Michelle Hill: Business Support Specialist II (Chemistry)
Muzhda Rasool: HR Assistant (Human Resources)
Pamela Warren: Academic Advisor (Admissions)

Photo taken by Megan Jakel, UMSL HR Consultant

Don’t Miss Out! Tier 2 of the 2018 Wellness Incentive Ends September 30

If you’ve already completed Tier 1, make sure to finish Tier 2 of the 2018 Wellness Incentive by September 30 in order to earn $400* in your final October 2018 paycheck.   Earn 400 points by completing activities that will help you learn about healthy living, move toward your own wellness and foster wellness in your community. Walking, biking, yoga, community service, diversity and inclusion activities, and learning about a variety of wellness topics can earn you points and help you define what wellness means to you! all self-reported activities may be documented in the Cerner Wellness Portal. Additionally, points-eligible courses are now located solely in the Cerner Wellness Portal, rather than myLearn. Learn more about the reporting process and points-eligible courses in the 2018 Cerner User Guide, available when you log into the portal.

* Your 2018 Wellness Incentive earnings will be taxed and voluntary retirement contributions will be deducted, just like with other earnings. All may participate in wellness program, but only some employees are able to earn the incentive; see for eligibility details.


What’s Your #1 Thing?

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and we’re challenging you to find the “one thing” you can do to promote social change and then, take ACTION!!  Doing your part to end domestic violence may look different for each of us, but the one thing we all have in common is our ability to take action.  Social justice movements thrive when each person does their part in advancing the cause.  It can take many forms, from educating a loved one about microaggression, to volunteering for a local crisis line or sharing your personal story of resilience as a survivor.

Throughout the month of October, we will share some of Your “#1 Things” that can make a difference and help promote social change.  If you want to share Your “#1 Thing” with others, please email and we may feature your efforts in our next HR Update!

UMSL Payroll Transitioning to Columbia

Beginning September 1, Human Resources will be transitioning UMSL payroll processing to Columbia.  Basic employee payroll questions/issues can be emailed to “UMSL, Payroll” ( which will be monitored by UMSL and UM payroll staff. You can also refer questions to the HR Service Center at 573-882-2146, or email where questions will be answered or escalated, if necessary.

Michele Barnes, our Payroll Specialist, is leaving for a new opportunity in the Facilities department.  In addition, payroll processes are rules-based, technology-enabled and consistent amongst campuses, making payroll one of the most likely candidates to be optimized through centralization.  Michele’s departure provides an opportunity for us to start moving toward that structure.

We expect that current service and support levels will be maintained and ask that you contact UMSL Human Resources at, or X5805, if you are experiencing any difficulty.


Chancellor Staff Excellence Awardees

Each year the Chancellor presents a Chancellor’s Staff Excellence Award to three outstanding UMSL staff members.  One member from each of the three staff groups:  administrative/professional, office/technical and service/maintenance is nominated by UMSL faculty and staff with recipients receiving an award of $1,000.

This year, nominations were submitted between July 27th – August 10th. The Chancellor convened a selection committee of past recipients to review the 41 nominations received and recommend recipients to the Chancellor for final approval.

Nominations focused on highlighting employees who consistently demonstrate professionalism and reflect the University’s core values:

Trust: Respectful interactions, serving others, building goodwill, transparency, and accountability.
Inclusion: Intentionally creating an inclusive, equitable community.
Innovation: Driving change for the purpose of the greater good.
Access: Keeping our campus accessible and removing barriers for individuals that makes the environment better for all of us.
Success: Inspiring and empowering others to reach their goals, break through barriers and achieve.
Engagement: Forging collaborative partnerships on campus and in the  community. Open-minded, inviting and solution-oriented.

The outstanding winners for the 2018 Chancellor Staff Excellence Award are:

Henry L. Belton
Custodian II, Maintenance Operations
Henry’s friendly, positive attitude was highlighted by his nominators, who said, “When a new person starts, he always introduces himself, finds out the new person’s name, and lets them know what to expect from him,” and, ” Henry is a walking, talking, singing, smiling beacon of positivity wherever he goes.”

Grace Chaudet Derda
Student Services and Records Coordinator, College of Arts & Sciences
Those who nominated Grace mentioned her genuine, helpful attitude and focus on UMSL students, saying, “Grace truly celebrates in the uniqueness of every student, and works hard to create an environment in her office wherein all students feel respected and valued,” and, “She promotes others over herself, she takes responsibility not only for her own job, but she is always there to help others.”

Theda Renee Oliver
Office Support Assistant III, College of Nursing
Several nominators spoke highly of Theda, saying, “She will reach out to individuals she sees that look lost or perplexed and make sure they are helped. We have seen her walk individuals to the location on South Campus (in her 6 inch heels) that they are looking for, engaging them in conversation about UMSL the entire way.”  Others mentioned how goes above and beyond, “She spoke on behalf of the College of Nursing at a student’s funeral whom had died unexpectedly last January. Theda made everyone from UMSL proud at her amazing ability to share with the family how much the student meant to the nursing program, his fellow students, and how much being in the nursing program meant to the student.”

Congratulations to these truly exceptional winners of the 2018 Chancellor Staff Excellence Awards!  Well deserved!

All of the exemplary employees nominated will receive a letter notifying them of their nomination, and letting them know how they have inspired others through their service and commitment.

Please join us at this year’s State of the University Address on September 12, 2018.  We hope all will attend to congratulate the winners of the 2018 Chancellor Staff Excellence Awards!