2019 myPerformance

The merit increase process is being finalized this week.  Biweekly merit increases will be effective on 8/25/19. Monthly merit increases will be effective on 9/1/19. Staff letters have been distributed to managers so they can deliver them to employees. 

Academic Increases

For Faculty, merit increases will be determined within each college or consistent with the terms of any external funding agreements that apply.

Staff Increases

As before, staff increases are determined by a combination of your performance rating and compa-ratio (your pay divided by the midpoint of your pay range).  A total pool of 2% is available for this year.  The merit grid below reflects a pool of 1.75%.  There is an additional 0.25% that will be used for exception requests. 

To ensure accountability, consistency and fairness in performance ratings, HR facilitated calibration sessions with managers within departments.  In these sessions managers justified their evaluations of staff and held each other accountable to create a consistent use of the rating scale and a common understanding of the SuccessFactor competencies.  It’s important to note that the goal was to create consistency, not force ratings into a predetermined distribution. Merit letters will be generated by HR and distributed to managers this week.

Merit Increase Grid 2019

If you have not completed your final sign off of your appraisal, please reach out to your supervisor and/or designated HR Consultant as soon as possible.