Return to Campus and Remote Work

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Return to Campus
Being responsive to students and creating a lively campus experience is the primary goal in planning our return to campus.  Supervisor training sessions for Return to Campus have been well attended and very successful. College, School and Division leaders are currently developing their return to campus plans, which may contain plans for remote work to expand service hours, improve the student experience and/or accessibility.  When remote work is part of the plan, it will be guided by the UM System Telework Policy.   

Each employee working remotely (full or part-time) after August 1, 2021, will need to complete an online telework agreement which will be approved by their supervisor. Employees should first meet with their Supervisor to discuss the plan and the terms for their remote work schedule before completing the online form.  Supervisors have been asked to make approve remote work agreements for a maximum of the end of the Fall semester, though they are subject to change prior to that at the supervisor’s discretion.  Therefore, the telework agreements will expire and need to be renewed after the end of the fall semester.