Employee Volunteer Program Opportunities

Go from ordinary to extraordinary by helping those in need this holiday season!

Each year United Way of Greater St. Louis produces a digital guide of all holiday-related volunteer opportunities that take place between now and December 31. Under the UMSL Employee Volunteer Program, eligible UMSL staff employees will receive up to eight hours of non-accruing paid time per fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) to volunteer for qualifying volunteer organizations in the Greater St. Louis area. This time may be taken in two-hour, half day or whole day increments at the discretion of the employee during regular working hours subject to pre-approval by the employee’s supervisor and the volunteer organization to which the time is being donated. Hours will be reported, tracked, and approved utilizing the Time and Labor system.

Go to the Employee Volunteer Program webpage for more information, as well as the fillable EVP Approval Form.  (If you receive an error message, click the download arrow in the upper right corner, and save the form before opening.)

For more information about the Employee Volunteer Program, contact Audra Bickline at galla@umsl.edu.

Welcome to UMSL!

Join us in welcoming the newest staff members to UMSL. Be sure to say hello when you see them around campus.

New Employee Orientation 12.09.2019

L to R:
Moses Banks- Custodian II (Facilities)
Ashley Marsh- Assistant Director of Annual Giving (University Campaign)
Tyler VonJensen- Career Services Coordinator (Career Services)
Marlo Goldstein Hode- DEI Program Manager (Special Units Office of Equal Opportunity)

Winter Break Leave

Some how it’s already time for Winter Break!  Here are a few reminders for how to handle reporting time off:

There will not be a general, campus-wide early release on Christmas Eve.  Deans and non-academic Department Heads have discretion to staff accordingly to meet customer demand on Christmas Eve.  If a department closes early, employees may take the time as unpaid or use their Vacation or Personal days to be paid for those hours.

Winter break days are governed by CRR 340.045 Winter Break Reduced Operations which specifies that Winter Break occurs “during the period starting the day after Christmas Day holiday is observed and running through the end of the day before New Year’s Day holiday is observed.”  

You can right click on the image below and open in a new browser to view UMSL’s Winter Break Operating Plan.

Please call or email your HR Consultant or the HR Department if you have questions, and have a pleasant holiday season!


UM System Updates – Organ & Bone Marrow Donor Leave

On Thursday, November 21, you should have received an e-mail from President Choi in regard to a new CRR: Organ and Bone Marrow Donor Leave.

This policy authorizes paid time off for eligible employees who are organ or bone marrow donors, up to specified limits. Such leave is considered paid leave and is not charged to accrued vacation, sick or personal days. Eligible employees include benefit-eligible faculty and staff. All requests are subject to approval by the appropriate university, MU Health or UM System Human Resources office. Donations covered under this policy include solid organ and bone marrow donation, upon approved application.

The following positions are eligible for organ and bone marrow donor leave, regardless of the funding source of their salaries:

Staff – Regular employees as defined in Section 320.050 of the Collected Rules and Regulations who have completed at least one year of continuous benefit-eligible employment immediately before the leave; and

Academic – Academic staff with fully benefit eligible academic appointments as defined in Section 320.050 of the Collected Rules and Regulations who have completed at least one year of continuous benefit-eligible employment immediately before the leave.

All Organ and Bone Marrow Donor Leave requests are subject to approval by the appropriate university, MU Health or UM System Human Resources office.

Please call or email your HR Consultant or Mallorie Nelson, Total Rewards Generalist, if you have questions.

Why Did the Turkey Cross the Road?

. . . To prove he wasn’t chicken!

You probably won’t eat perfect, and that’s okay! Enjoy the day. How you eat on Thanksgiving Day does not determine your health; how you eat the other 364 days of the years does. Here are tips for making this special day healthier.

Eat Breakfast

A common misconception before large meals is to “save” all of your calories for later in the day, hoping you’ll skip out on additional calories, but waiting until the evening to eat your first meal can have you heading to the kitchen with huge eyes and over-stuffing your plate more than normal. Start your Thanksgiving with a healthy breakfast full of protein and fiber. Think low-fat yogurt and fresh fruit, or whole-grain toast with eggs, to help keep you full throughout your meal prepping and your head clear when loading your plate at dinner.

Get Moving

After a large meal, your first instinct might be to head to the couch for football and dessert. But one of the best things you can do is encourage the entire family to get moving and take a walk in the neighborhood. Moving your body will help stimulate your digestive system and burn a few calories while getting some fresh air. Make time to sweat for 30 minutes. If you’re feeling super ambitious, many towns and cities host annual ‘gobble hobbles’ or 5K races Thanksgiving morning so you can begin your day with increased energy and endorphins, while kick starting your metabolism all day.  

Stay Hydrated

A common error when listening to your body’s hunger signals can be mistaking thirst for hunger. When we are not well hydrated, our bodies can have a surge of ghrelin, the hormone that stimulates hunger, causing us to eat more than we normally might. Drinking water throughout the day can keep your ghrelin levels at bay and your body in tune. A good rule of thumb is drinking half your body weight in ounces of fluid (i.e 150 pounds divided by two = 75 ounces per day). If you aren’t a water drinker, try adding lemon to your water or having seltzer or tea.

Balance Your Plate

We’ve all experienced the “hangry” (hungry and angry) feeling after going without food, just as we’ve all experienced wanting to take a nap after a huge plate of Thanksgiving fare. Both those scenarios are your low blood sugar talking! Fortunately when it comes to a Thanksgiving buffet there are a lot of real food options to make balancing your plate easy. For instance, turkey is a great protein. (A rule of thumb for protein serving size is to look for cuts of meat roughly the size of your palm.) With the protein covered, look for quality fats and carbs for the rest of your plate. Thanksgiving staples like green beans, sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts are perfect options. Better yet, they’ve likely been cooked in butter giving you a quality fat as well. If they haven’t, grab a pat of butter and put it on top of any veggies you add to your plate.

Whether you’re on a special diet or just looking for a lighter option, below are a few examples of healthy Thanksgiving recipes you and your family will enjoy!

Cranberry Meatballs

Healthy Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

Vegan Gluten-Free Apple Pie Bars

What sounds does a turkey’s phone make?

“Wing, Wing”






Holiday Time Off and Winter Break Operations

All UM System Universities take a consistent approach to time off for Thanksgiving and Winter break.  This means that there will be no campus-wide early release and any time off on the day before the Thanksgiving holiday and on Christmas eve will need to be recorded as vacation or personal days.  Department managers are responsible for scheduling staff at a level appropriate for their customer demand.  

Winter break days are now governed by CRR 340.045 Winter Break Reduced Operations which specifies that Winter Break occurs “during the period starting the day after Christmas Day holiday is observed and running through the end of the day before New Year’s Day holiday is observed.”  The campus operating plan for Winter Break will be published in the next HR Update

Please call or email your HR Consultant or the HR Department if you have questions, and have a pleasant holiday season!

New Employee Orientation | October 28 & November 11

New Employee Orientation October 28, 2019

L to R
Stephanie Williams– Social Worker/Counselor/Mental Health Professional (Child Advocacy Center)
Sarah McKay– Receptionist (Center for Behavioral Health)


November 11, 2019

L to R front row:

Burnea Lester, Community Evaluator – CIAC, Karen Holman, Public Relations Writer – Marketing|Comm., Sarah Ashbrook, Copywriter – Marketing|Comm.

L to R back row:

Ashley Keegan, Student Recruitment Specialist – UMSL Global, Annie Hyde, Student Recruitment Specialist – UMSL Global, Beth Buerke, Event Asst. III – Child Advocacy Center, Joseph McBride, Research Specialist I – MIMH, Rachel Timberman, Asst. Veteran’s Center Director for Academics – Sociology

Not pictured: Saad Tariq Siddiqui, Research Evaluation Coordinator – MIMH


Upcoming Events

Join us as we celebrate the retirement of Deborah Burris, director of the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and chief diversity officer at the University of Missouri–St. Louis. Please RSVP online at umsl.edu/go/burrisretirement or call 314-516-5789.

Contact the Office of Executive Events at executiveevents@umsl.edu or call 314-516-5789 with any questions. We hope to see you there.

The 2019 Annual Staff & Faculty Holiday Reception will be held Tuesday, December 10, 2019 from 8 – 10 A.M. in the Century Rooms. Mark your calendars! No RSVP required & breakfast will be provided.

Join us in welcoming our new team members to HR!

We are  pleased to announce the additions and changes that have recently taken place in Human Resources.

Ericka Webb joined the HR team on August 26th as the new Executive Assistant to Executive Director Jim Hertel. Ericka brings over 10 years of administrative experience working in academic and corporate office environments.  She has worked extensively in public K-12 institutions and brings a wealth of knowledge in office procedures and customer service.  Ericka enjoys working with people and helping them solve urgent workplace problems.

Ericka is a self-starter, ready to take the lead on projects relating to office procedures and see them through to completion.  Her exceptional people skills, motivation and ability to problem solve, make her an ideal executive assistant.

Ericka received her undergraduate degree here at UMSL. She is a U.S. Army Veteran and enjoys spending time with her friends and family.

The HR Team is excited to have Kelly Adams join the team as the Leader of Staff Recruiting, Selection & Onboarding. Kelly is passionate about recruiting quality hires and the overall candidate experience. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Studies and continues to seek learning opportunities, especially topics related to candidate experience and retention. Kelly is anxious to explore ways to communicate and engage effectively with talent, and assist our campus in creating high performing teams. Prior to joining our team, her previous HR related work experience was in Staffing and Healthcare. Kelly also spent several years as the Volunteer Services Supervisor at St. Louis Children’s Hospital Foundation. In this role, Kelly worked closely with the patients and donors cultivating relationships, allocating volunteer resources and sharing the hospital’s mission. As the Staff Recruiter, Kelly is excited to extend the same level of service to UMSL, by supporting our mission of “We Transform Lives”. As the Staff Recruiter, Kelly will work closely with hiring managers and HR Consultants to recruit, select, onboard and engage quality talent to continue the university’s mission to transform lives. Kelly enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, Netflix binge watching, a perfect margarita, and afternoon naps. She is an extreme foodie.

Jennifer Heck, already part of the HR Team, will move to a new position joining Kelly in our efforts to transform Recruitment. Jennifer obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies with a Minor in Business, and a certificate in Multicultural. For the past 4 years  at UM System, Jennifer worked in HR in payroll, recruitment, and records. Jennifer’s true passions within the HR are compensation and recruitment. She is looking forward to implementing process improvement strategies to ensure an efficient recruitment process for hiring managers, recruiters, and candidates alike. In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys visiting her family in Iowa (she promises there is more to Iowa than corn :-), playing disc golf, and catching up on all the DC Marvel shows on Netflix. Jennifer looks forward to contributing to UMSL’s mission by transforming recruitment.

Michelle Klump, Records Assistant, is taking on the responsibility for ePAF processing, I-9 verification, and general inquiries.

“I am excited to start a new career with UMSL!  Being a part of the HR department allows me to work with a great team every day! My family is just as excited for this great opportunity! I want to say thank you to everyone here at UMSL that I have met in these past few weeks for making me feel so welcome!

When Michelle is away from her UMSL family, she enjoys spending time with her husband and three children, specifically, catching up with their two older sons or spending weekends watching their younger daughter play her favorite sports.

Andrea Dunbar, HR Specialist,  transferred from the College of Arts & Sciences to the HR Records team effective August 25th.  Over the past 35 years, she has built successful, collaborative, meaningful working relationships and everlasting friendships.  According to Andrea, the best thing about working at UMSL has been “the ability to witness the mission of this great University fulfilled by educating not just St. Louis area students, but those in surrounding cities, towns, states, and beyond.” Andrea enjoys making people laugh, possess the gift of “gab,” and loves to sing.

“Working for UMSL has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my entire adulthood.  When I embarked on a mission to find a job at the age of 21, little did I know that I was adventuring into a career. I’m eternally grateful for my colleagues, past and present, who’ve continued to guide and mentor me along this journey. I am, and will forever remain “UMSL Proud’.”