New Employee Orientation | October 28 & November 11

New Employee Orientation October 28, 2019

L to R
Stephanie Williams– Social Worker/Counselor/Mental Health Professional (Child Advocacy Center)
Sarah McKay– Receptionist (Center for Behavioral Health)


November 11, 2019

L to R front row:

Burnea Lester, Community Evaluator – CIAC, Karen Holman, Public Relations Writer – Marketing|Comm., Sarah Ashbrook, Copywriter – Marketing|Comm.

L to R back row:

Ashley Keegan, Student Recruitment Specialist – UMSL Global, Annie Hyde, Student Recruitment Specialist – UMSL Global, Beth Buerke, Event Asst. III – Child Advocacy Center, Joseph McBride, Research Specialist I – MIMH, Rachel Timberman, Asst. Veteran’s Center Director for Academics – Sociology

Not pictured: Saad Tariq Siddiqui, Research Evaluation Coordinator – MIMH


Join us in welcoming our new team members to HR!

We are  pleased to announce the additions and changes that have recently taken place in Human Resources.

Ericka Webb joined the HR team on August 26th as the new Executive Assistant to Executive Director Jim Hertel. Ericka brings over 10 years of administrative experience working in academic and corporate office environments.  She has worked extensively in public K-12 institutions and brings a wealth of knowledge in office procedures and customer service.  Ericka enjoys working with people and helping them solve urgent workplace problems.

Ericka is a self-starter, ready to take the lead on projects relating to office procedures and see them through to completion.  Her exceptional people skills, motivation and ability to problem solve, make her an ideal executive assistant.

Ericka received her undergraduate degree here at UMSL. She is a U.S. Army Veteran and enjoys spending time with her friends and family.

The HR Team is excited to have Kelly Adams join the team as the Leader of Staff Recruiting, Selection & Onboarding. Kelly is passionate about recruiting quality hires and the overall candidate experience. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Studies and continues to seek learning opportunities, especially topics related to candidate experience and retention. Kelly is anxious to explore ways to communicate and engage effectively with talent, and assist our campus in creating high performing teams. Prior to joining our team, her previous HR related work experience was in Staffing and Healthcare. Kelly also spent several years as the Volunteer Services Supervisor at St. Louis Children’s Hospital Foundation. In this role, Kelly worked closely with the patients and donors cultivating relationships, allocating volunteer resources and sharing the hospital’s mission. As the Staff Recruiter, Kelly is excited to extend the same level of service to UMSL, by supporting our mission of “We Transform Lives”. As the Staff Recruiter, Kelly will work closely with hiring managers and HR Consultants to recruit, select, onboard and engage quality talent to continue the university’s mission to transform lives. Kelly enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, Netflix binge watching, a perfect margarita, and afternoon naps. She is an extreme foodie.

Jennifer Heck, already part of the HR Team, will move to a new position joining Kelly in our efforts to transform Recruitment. Jennifer obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies with a Minor in Business, and a certificate in Multicultural. For the past 4 years  at UM System, Jennifer worked in HR in payroll, recruitment, and records. Jennifer’s true passions within the HR are compensation and recruitment. She is looking forward to implementing process improvement strategies to ensure an efficient recruitment process for hiring managers, recruiters, and candidates alike. In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys visiting her family in Iowa (she promises there is more to Iowa than corn :-), playing disc golf, and catching up on all the DC Marvel shows on Netflix. Jennifer looks forward to contributing to UMSL’s mission by transforming recruitment.

Michelle Klump, Records Assistant, is taking on the responsibility for ePAF processing, I-9 verification, and general inquiries.

“I am excited to start a new career with UMSL!  Being a part of the HR department allows me to work with a great team every day! My family is just as excited for this great opportunity! I want to say thank you to everyone here at UMSL that I have met in these past few weeks for making me feel so welcome!

When Michelle is away from her UMSL family, she enjoys spending time with her husband and three children, specifically, catching up with their two older sons or spending weekends watching their younger daughter play her favorite sports.

Andrea Dunbar, HR Specialist,  transferred from the College of Arts & Sciences to the HR Records team effective August 25th.  Over the past 35 years, she has built successful, collaborative, meaningful working relationships and everlasting friendships.  According to Andrea, the best thing about working at UMSL has been “the ability to witness the mission of this great University fulfilled by educating not just St. Louis area students, but those in surrounding cities, towns, states, and beyond.” Andrea enjoys making people laugh, possess the gift of “gab,” and loves to sing.

“Working for UMSL has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my entire adulthood.  When I embarked on a mission to find a job at the age of 21, little did I know that I was adventuring into a career. I’m eternally grateful for my colleagues, past and present, who’ve continued to guide and mentor me along this journey. I am, and will forever remain “UMSL Proud’.”




Executive Assistant, Human Resources

Recently, Kathy Falcon has left the UMSL HR team and accepted a position in Colorado. We wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors.

UMSL Human Resources is looking for a highly-collaborative departmental assistant who balances organization, efficiency, and results with our focus on people. The successful candidate will demonstrate commitment to an inclusive environment in responding to the unique needs of diverse students, staff, and faculty on a variety of HR-related matters.

Reporting to the Executive Director of Human Resources, Jim Hertel, provide general administrative and office support to the executive and departmental staff in support of the HR and campus mission.

Application and materials are being accepted through this Friday, August 2nd.



New Employee Orientations: 5.28.2019 & 6.10.2019

Welcome New Employees!
The following employees were in attendance at the May 28th and June 10th, 2019 New Employee Orientations.
Please join us in welcoming them to UMSL!

Left to Right:
Miles Trudo- Financial Aid Coordinator (Financial Aid)
Sarah Shapiro- Office Support Assistant III (Language and Cultural Studies)
Stephen Bondurant- Office Support Assistant II (Child Advocacy Center)
Tayler Leverenz- Business Ops Associate II (College of Business)
Corie Creasy- Office Support Assistant III (Admissions)
Steven Vance- Custodian (Facilities)

** Not Pictured: Sarah Willey- Associate Director, Annual Giving (Alumni)
Phelisitie Voss- Project Manager- Specialist (ITS)

Front Row (L to R):
Cortasha Thomas- Office Support Assistant IV (Cashiers)
Brad Dowling- School Psychologist (Center for Behavioral Health)
Emily Schepker- Financial Aid Coordinator (Financial Aid)

Back Row (L to R):
Jacob Bolzenius- Research Lab Manager (MIMH)
Blake Schliesser- Business Support Specialist II (Touhill)
Sophie Broz- Program/Project Support Coordinator II (KWMU)
Jason Johnson- Tutoring Manager (University Tutor Center)
James Owen- Grants & Contract Manager (Child Advocacy Center)



New Employee Orientation 5.13.2019

Welcome New Employees!
The following employees were in attendance at the May 13, 2019 New Employee Orientation.
Please join us in welcoming them to UMSL!

George Wilson- Custodian (Touhill)
Angel Mims- Police Officer (Campus Police)
Brian Gertler- Student Support Specialist II (College of Business)
Douglas Rosemann- Police Officer (Campus Police)
Carole Dawn Arrendale-Child Development Assoc.Teacher (Child Development Center)
Georgia Knoll- Office Support Assistant III (Admissions)
Jamie Bartzel- Office Support Assistant, Sr. (Graduate Related Activities)

New Employee Orientation 3.11.2019

Welcome New Employees!
The following employees were in attendance at the March 11, 2019 New Employee Orientation.
Please join us in welcoming them to UMSL!

L to R:

Rachel White– Academic Advisor (College of Arts & Sciences)
Michael Della Fave– Academic Advisor (College of Arts & Sciences)
Russell Gettemeier– Construction Superintendent (In-House Construction)
Katie Gertler– Media Producer, Sr. (Student Life)
David Wood– Admissions Representative (Admissions)
Cleola Butler– Office Support Assistant III (Political Science)
George Sipos– Executive Director (International Studies and Programs)
Ciera Jessup– Advancement Associate II (KWMU)
Darren Barnes– Optometric Technician (College of Optometry)
L. Renee Graves– Assistant Director (Precollegiate Programs)

Not Pictured:
Andrea Henderson– Sharing America Reporter (KWMU)
Jessica Davis– Staff Psychologist (Center for Behavioral Health

New Employee Orientation 2.11.19 & 2.25.19

Welcome New Employees!
The employees below were in attendance at the February 11th and February 25th New Employee Orientations.
Please join us in welcoming them to UMSL!

NEO 2.25.2019:
L to R: Erica Ryu, Research/Lab Technician II (Biology)
Dawn Hemond, Software support Analyst-Specialist (Academic IT)
Tekela Underwood, Safety Communications Officer (UMSL-PD)
Michelle Leatherberry, Senior Student Support Specialist (Financial Aid)
Desirare Green, Admissions Representative (Admissions)
Kiley Bednar, Associate Director, Partnership Performance (Public Policy)

NEO 2.11.2019:
L to R:  Dixie Williams- Director Admissions (Admissions)
Jennifer Ross- Child Development Teaching Assistant (Child Development Center)
Tina Bell- Office Support Assistant IV (Office of Equal Opportunity)
Judy Schmitt- Librarian I (Library)
Katina Kitchin- Office Support Assistant I (Center for Behavioral Health)

New Employee Orientation 10.22.2018

Welcome New Employees!

The following employees were in attendance at the most recent New Employee Orientation on October 22, 2018.  Please join us in welcoming them to UMSL!

L to R (Front Row):

ShaQuina White- Academic Advisor (COE Advising) Melissa Pashia- Business Support Specialist II (Admissions) Russell Simmons- Custodian II (Facilities) Kellye Tyler- Office Support Assistant IV (College of Business) Brenna Whitehurst- Recovery Services Coordinator (MIMH) Joseph Null- Custodian II (Facilities)

L to R (Back Row):

Cornelius Smith- Custodian II (Facilities) Aintwon Brownlee- Custodian II (Facilities) Clara Schmeiderer- Office Support Assistant III (Music) Corey Henderson- Custodian II (Facilities) Isaac Sandidge- Program/Project Support Coordinator I (MIMH)
Drew Lichtenstein- Grant Writer (Research Administration) Jeff Darr- BTS (Planning & Construction)

New Employee Orientation 10.08.2018

Welcome New Employees!

The following employees were in attendance at the most recent New Employee Orientation on October 8, 2018.  Please join us in welcoming them to UMSL!

Left to Right:

Adam Mosley, Computer Education & Training
Michael Elliot, ITS
Lenka Garimella, International Studies
Brittney Sterner, Optometry Eye Care Clinic
Tiffany Phillips, Child Advocacy Center
Michael Moore, Planning & Construction
Jim Schallom, University Development
Alise Banks, Child Advocacy Center
Melissa Daniel, Finance & Administration/Arts & Sciences