Our New Payroll Partners in Columbia

Starting in September, UMSL payroll will now be processed by the MU payroll/operations staff.   We would like to introduce the staff members who will be assisting, and we look forward to our new partnership with MU HR/Payroll Operations.

Amy McKenzie is the Associate Director of MU’s HR/Payroll Operations. She has been with the university since 2002 and with the UM HR office since 2011.  Amy has been working with payroll in some capacity since 1999, and has enjoyed every area she’s been in.

Taylor Halliburton is the HR Assistant that will be responsible for most of the payroll transactions for UMSL. She’s been with MU since 2014 and with MU’s Payroll office since last November, and her customer service skills will be a wonderful asset for our campus.

Kim Jones-Jackson is the Sr. HR Manager and is responsible for CAPS (HR processing), NER and Payroll functions for the MU campus. She’s been with MU since 2004 and with our office since 2016. She always has a smile and the customer’s needs are her focus.

Contacting MU Payroll:

umslpayroll@umsl.edu – Taylor and Kim are reviewing email that comes to this account and will respond to payroll and timesheet hours/approvals questions.

Employees with general questions about their paychecks, myHR access, etc., can contact the System Service Desk (573/882-2146, Toll Free:800-488-5288 or hrservicecenter@umsystem.edu).

Departments and/or employees can reach the MU office at 573/882-7976, option 3.  This will put you in touch with Taylor.

Escalation – Please know you can reach out directly to Kim or Amy if the need arises at 573-882-6548.


UMSL Payroll Transitioning to Columbia

Beginning September 1, Human Resources will be transitioning UMSL payroll processing to Columbia.  Basic employee payroll questions/issues can be emailed to “UMSL, Payroll” (umslpayroll@umsl.edu) which will be monitored by UMSL and UM payroll staff. You can also refer questions to the HR Service Center at 573-882-2146, or email hrservicecenter@umsystem.edu where questions will be answered or escalated, if necessary.

Michele Barnes, our Payroll Specialist, is leaving for a new opportunity in the Facilities department.  In addition, payroll processes are rules-based, technology-enabled and consistent amongst campuses, making payroll one of the most likely candidates to be optimized through centralization.  Michele’s departure provides an opportunity for us to start moving toward that structure.

We expect that current service and support levels will be maintained and ask that you contact UMSL Human Resources at umslhr@umsl.edu, or X5805, if you are experiencing any difficulty.


2018 Merit Increases

The merit increase process is underway for staff and faculty with each College, School and Division working to review and determine increases.  Increases will appear on September paychecks. Biweekly merit increases will be effective on 8/26/18 and paid on 9/19/18. Monthly merit increases will be effective on 9/1/18 and paid 9/28/18.

Faculty Increases

For Faculty, merit increases will be determined within each college or consistent with the terms of any external funding agreements that apply.

Staff Increases

To be eligible for merit increases staff must have been:

a. hired or promoted on or before 01 January 2018
b. benefit-eligible (FTE .75 or greater).

Like last year, staff increases are determined by a combination of your performance rating and comparatio (your pay divided by the midpoint of your pay range).  A total pool of 2% is available for this year.  The merit grid below reflects a pool of 1.75%.  There is an additional 0.25% that will be used for exception requests.  Managers requesting exceptions to the merit grid should send them to Tara@umsl.edu so they can be consolidated for review and approval.

To ensure accountability, consistency and fairness in performance ratings, HR facilitated calibration sessions with managers within departments.  In these sessions managers justified their evaluations of staff and held each other accountable to create a consistent use of the rating scale and a common understanding of the SuccessFactor competencies.  It’s important to note that the goal was to create consistency, not force ratings into a predetermined distribution. Staff will receive merit letters from their supervisors in August.

Merit Increase Grid September 2018

If you have questions about the process, please contact Human Resources at ext. 5805.

New UMSL Moving Expense Allowance Policy

The following announcement was sent to all UMSL faculty and staff from Human Resources, via campus-wide email, on Monday, July 23, 2018.

Beginning with the 2018 tax year, changes to federal tax law no longer allow most taxpayers to deduct moving expenses. To remain in compliance, the University is revising its policy regarding nontaxable moving benefits for newly-hired faculty and staff members, or those who are required to relocate. These policy changes will become effective August 1. Continue reading “New UMSL Moving Expense Allowance Policy”

Direct Deposit Changes

Due to recent security upgrades to myHR, employees can now update their direct deposit information online!

If you need to make changes to your direct deposit information in myHR:

  • Sign in using your SSO and password
  • Click on the Payroll tile
  • Click on Direct Deposit on the left hand navigation menu
  • Your current direct deposit information will be displayed in the middle of the page
  • Click on the Edit pencil icon
  • Enter your new information – routing number, account number, and account type
    ****Please double-check all numbers that are entered prior to saving any changes
  • You will receive an email confirming that there was a change to your direct deposit information

If you have any questions, please reach out to HR Payroll at 314-516-5238.

Moving Expenses Are Now Taxable Income

Under the recent tax changes, moving expenses are now treated as taxable income and need to be reflected as such on employee paychecks.  The UM Policy is currently under review.  In the interim we will be including the following language in employment offer letters:

“The University will reimburse you for the actual cost of eligible moving expenses up to  10% of your annual salary or $25,000, whichever is less.  A summary of eligible expenses can be found in the University’s Moving Expense Policy at  http://www.umsytem.edu/ums/rules/hrm/hr100/hr103Please note that due to 2017 federal tax law amendments, moving expense reimbursements will be treated as taxable income.”

Your W-2 is now available in myHR

Your 2017 W-2 is available to view and print online if you have elected to do so, in myHR.  To access your W-2, you will need to turn off the pop-up blocker. If you need assistance with turning off your pop-up blocker, please contact the IT help desk @ 314-516-6034. Then:

* Log into myHR (myhr.umsystem.edu).
*Select the “Payroll” tile.
*In the left-hand menu, choose “View Your W-2 Form.”
*You will be prompted to verify your Social Security number in order to view your W-2. *Please compare your Social Security number and spelling of your name on your W-2 to your Social Security card for accuracy. If different, please contact Beth Quinn, HR Specialist, at X5376, for corrections.

You may click the link in the View Your W-2 Form page>View a Different Tax Year, to view years prior to 2017, if applicable.

Please note, Annual Salary Reports are available on the institutional research webpage per standard operating procedure. Starting with the 2016-2017 data, these reports will include base salary and gross wage information.

If you have elected to have a paper W-2 form sent to your home address instead, the forms will be mailed to addresses on file on or before January 31, 2018.

You can learn more about tax-related documents on our end-of-the-year tax documents webpage. For help in using PeopleSoft myHR, contact HR Service Center at (573) 882-2146, toll free at 1-800-488-5288 or via email at hrservicecenter@umsystem.edu.

New CRR’s: Winter Break, Shared Leave Program & Amended Educational Assistance Policy

UM President, Mun Choi, sent the following message to all UM employees, via email, on 12/7/2017:

Dear colleagues,

This afternoon, the University of Missouri Board of Curators reviewed revisions to our Collected Rules and Regulations (CRRs) to demonstrate appreciation for our faculty and staff; enhance the work-life balance of University employees; and improve our ability to recruit and retain top talent. I am pleased to relate several changes approved by the board. Review summaries of the changes below, or access the complete, revised CRRs for additional information. Continue reading “New CRR’s: Winter Break, Shared Leave Program & Amended Educational Assistance Policy”

Simplify Your Life by Having your W-2 Delivered Electronically

Consenting to receive your W-2 through myHR has many benefits:

  • Early access to the form anywhere at any convenient time (much earlier than the traditional mail process), which can mean early filing which means early refunds
  • Access to the form requires your unique SSO and password – as well as your SSN once you get to the page, ensuring a secure process
  • No paper copy will be mailed from Central Payroll in Columbia, MO to your home address, which eliminates the chance that your paper Form W-2 will get lost, misdirected or delayed during delivery or after receipt
  • Compensation and tax withholding information may easily be downloaded into many tax preparation software programs
  • This option only needs to be made once and will carry over to future years, unless you manually withdraw consent
  • Green and Convenient – access to this form will be available for several years – reprint as many times as you need

To receive your W-2 electronically through myHR, please consent by December 31st to ensure your W-2 will be available to print in early January.  To do so, simply log into myHR, click on the Payroll tile, then click on W-2/W-2c Consent on the left-hand navigation menu, then follow the instructions on your screen.

If you have any questions, please contact the payroll office at (314) 516-5238.