HR Staff Promotions

We are happy to announce the following HR Staff promotions and changes effective August 1.  Please join us in congratulating the following:

Tara VanDeVoorde, promoted to Assistant Director of Human Resources.  On a regular basis Tara proves herself a solid HR Professional and based on the steady flow of positive comments, many people will see this as a well deserved, if overdue promotion.  In her new role Tara will lead the HR Operations team (ePAF’s, Payroll & HR Administrative Services) in addition to being the primary HR Partner for Finance & Administration.


Dana Beteet Daniels, promoted to Sr. HR Consultant & Title IX Coordinator. As a member of the OEOD team and now in HR Dana has distinguished herself as an effective navigator through tough situations who is able to maintain the neutrality critical in working with all parties involved in Title IX complaints.  She has built that reputation over her 18 years at UMSL and is ready to take on this critical role..

Audra Bickline, promoted to Sr. HR Consultant.  Audra’s HR experience at UMSL and previously in Healthcare, as well as her Master’s in Higher Education, suit her well in her new role partnering with the Provost, Deans and their leadership teams. As the leader of the New Employee Orientation program, Audra is often the first person new UMSL employees encounter on their first day of employment.