myPerformance Process is Now Open

The University’s performance appraisal process, known as myPerformance, opened on March 15, with self-appraisals being due by March 31.

In order to support your growth and simplify your steps, UM System has streamlined the performance appraisal. Changes include:

Updated step deadlines provide consistency across the system and make it easier to identify where you are in the process.

Fewer comment requirements reduce the amount of time you’ll spend on your self-appraisal and will keep you from duplicating examples. Instead, a single overall comment section will be required, regardless of the rating, at the very end of the self-appraisal.

• Reminders based on where you are in the process mean you’ll only receive automated messages when you have an approaching deadline or an outstanding task. As soon as a step has been completed, you’ll no longer receive messages about that event.

If you need help as you complete your performance appraisal, there are many resources to support you on your university myPerformance webpage. For example, the “Writing Your Self-Appraisal Guide” (PDF) provides tips on crafting a confident and objective self-appraisal, while the “SMART Goals Guide” (PDF) can help you set achievable and meaningful goals.

Dates and resources for employees

March 15 -31
Self-appraisals due
• Resource: Preparing for a Performance Appraisal (3 minutes)
• Resource: Detailed myPerformance Training for Employees (30 minutes)

June 1 – 30
Employee/evaluator meetings
• Resource: Presenting Your Accomplishments at an Appraisal (3 minutes)
• Resource: Seeing Negative Feedback as Caring (3 minutes)
• Resource: Success Factor Courses

July 7
Employee comments (optional) and sign off
• Resource: Developing a Growth Mindset (16 minutes)

July 15
Process closes

Performance appraisals are just one step in the continuous process of improving the way our University functions, and we appreciate your engagement. If you have questions about myPerformance or the performance appraisal process, please contact the HR Service Center at (573) 882-2146 or