Staff Council Nominations are Open!

Staff Council nominations are open!

“The purposes of the Staff Association shall be to foster a spirit of unity and cooperation among all employees of UMSL, to consider methods and means by which employment conditions may be improved and the operating efficiency of UMSL increased, to receive and consider matters concerning working conditions of membership, to make such recommendations that it deems appropriate, and to provide a means of communicating problems of mutual concern between the
Staff Association and UMSL administration.”  Article III–Purposes: Staff Association Bylaws

The Staff Council is comprised of 25 elected representatives from the staff body to serve the purposes of the Staff Association. These representatives serve a two-year term beginning July 1 of odd-numbered years. Representatives meet monthly to conduct Staff Association business and are elected to serve as officers of the Staff Association (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary/Treasurer), staff representatives of the University Assembly and its committees, and other committee assignments.

If you are someone or know someone who would be a good addition to the Staff Council, please use this Google Form to submit your nomination. All nominees will be contacted by the Membership and Elections Committee to verify eligibility and interest. Eligible nominees are full-time staff members (75% FTE or greater) who have been employed by the university for at least six months. Nominations are being collected April 22 through May 3.

Want to learn more? Contact any of the Membership and Elections Committee members:
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MaryBeth Creason –
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