There’s Still Time to Sign-up for Focus on the Future!

You can still sign up for Focus on the Future personal and professional development workshops, happening March 27 – 29.  You may sign up for as many courses as you would like, as long as your supervisor has permitted you to do so.  See registration instructions below.

You will earn wellness points for the following courses:
*  I saved too much for retirement! Said nobody, ever.
*  Introduction to Intuitive Eating
*  Suicide Safety on our Campus
*  Change Your Attitude! Change Your Underwear!

The Keynote Speaker event has room for all staff, and everyone is encouraged to attend.  Please sign up (it is the last option listed on the registration page).

Food Truck Tuesday is open to all and you do not need to register, just head out to Parking Lot C between 11:30-1:30pm March 27th.

Registration Instructions for Focus on the Future: Staff Enrichment week

Log into myLearn using your SSO account.

1. Select the icon for “The Library” and the top of the page.

2. Click “UMSL” from the dropdown box. Listed under “University of Missouri Library”.

3. Select the “UMSL Instructor Led Training” on the left side panel. Under “Categories”.

4. Scroll down the page until you find those workshops titles that begin with “Focus on the Future. ” Select the “DETAILS” button for the workshops you find most interesting. There are two pages.

5. To learn more about the course, select the “About” tab. Or by selecting “Details” on the “Sessions” tab.

6. To enroll in the course, select the “Sessions” tab and select “Enroll”. You may withdraw after enrollment as well.

7. After enrolling you will receive an email to your UMSL account.

You may add that appointment to your Outlook calendar so you don’t forget the event. Open the calendar icon next to “Message”.

8. Select “Save & Close”.