We Transform Lives

UMSL’s Mission

As the metropolitan, land-grant, research institution serving the most diverse and economically important region in Missouri, the University of Missouri–St. Louis delivers exceptional educational, research and engagement experiences that inform, prepare, challenge and inspire.
We transform lives.

UMSL’s mission statement and new strategic plan will be voted on at the Board of Curators meeting on September 20-21.  More than defining “why” we are and “what” we will achieve through a list of goals and objectives for the next five years, the strategic plan also defines “how” we will accomplish that mission through six new core values:

  • Trust
  • Inclusion
  • Innovation
  • Access
  • Success
  • Engagement

Josh Allan Dykstra, author of Igniting the Invisible Tribe, CEO (Chief Energy Officer) of Strengthscope US and self-described “work revolutionary” lays out a three part structure for achieving a Mission.

The first piece of the structure is “Our Boss”.  This new boss transcends the traditional hierarchy and org chart to draw us together in a common purpose. In our case “We Transform Lives“.

In our core values we define, measure and highlight “Vital Behaviors”, the second piece of the structure.  These behaviors are what enable us to accomplish our cause.  The values, like the banks of a river, define our course and provide structure while at the same time liberating each of us to achieve our mission and the outcomes contained in the plan.

The third and final key component of the structure is “energy intelligence”.  It comes from looking within and recognizing what energizes you, what drains you, and how you can contribute your highest and best work towards the cause.  Where do your inherent strengths intersect with UMSL’s cause?  Knowing the answer to that question is how you will transform lives through your contribution at UMSL and where you will find your own personal transformation. (Much) more to come.