Conquering Fear of Failure: How I Arrived in Marketing

Transform fear into action concept

transform-fear-into-actionEveryone makes mistakes.  Small mistakes— forgetting the grocery list; expensive mistakes— getting a speeding ticket; embarrassing mistakes— sending a text meant for a significant other to your mom.  And sometimes we make mistakes of epic proportions— life-altering decisions or choices that just didn’t have the results we thought they would. Continue reading “Conquering Fear of Failure: How I Arrived in Marketing”

Launch of Cross-Device Reporting for Facebook ads

cross platform conversions

facebook-f-logo-1920-800x450Yesterday Facebook made an announcement that had digital marketers giddy. They announced the launch of cross-device reporting for Facebook ads. This is very big news for both marketers and businesses because for the first time we will be able to see how people are moving between devices, both mobile apps and desktop, before the convert on our website. Continue reading “Launch of Cross-Device Reporting for Facebook ads”

Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: HTTPS as a ranking signal

Secure Google Searches for SEO

Secure Google Searches for SEOIt is not often that you get an SEO tip directly from Google. But, last week Google officially announced that they are now including whether sites use secure, encrypted connections as a signal in their search ranking algorithms. However, Google says that this update will not have a large effect on search results: Continue reading “Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: HTTPS as a ranking signal”

Oh, How Pinteresting!, Start a conversation about a Pin

Pinterest Logo

This week Pinterest announced an exciting new private messaging feature. Now when you send someone a pin that you think they may like, they can reply with a message or send a pin back. And…it gets even better! You can also send pins and message to multiple people. Furthermore, users can send profiles and entire pin boards to other users via private messaging.
This now brings Pinterest to a new level for project collaboration and for growing conversations around single or multiple images. Check out the video below to see the new private messaging feature in action.
Check out more about the new feature on Pinterest’s blog: Oh, How Pinteresting!, Start a conversation about a Pin.

Google Said to Plan Separating Photo Service From Google+ – Bloomberg


googleplusOver the weekend, Google announced that it is planning to separate Photos from Google+ and make it into its own standalone service.
Why should you care?
This is actual a really good thing for Google users because it means that you will no longer need a Google+ account to save and share photos using Google. However, there aren’t currently any details on what this new service will offer, but Bloomberg states the following:

The service, called Google+ Photos, would still work with the social network’s users and may be rebranded as part of the move.

This separation of services is another indication of the ever changing world of Google+.
Read the full article about the announcement here: Google Said to Plan Separating Photo Service From Google+ – Bloomberg.