Launch of Cross-Device Reporting for Facebook ads

facebook-f-logo-1920-800x450Yesterday Facebook made an announcement that had digital marketers giddy. They announced the launch of cross-device reporting for Facebook ads. This is very big news for both marketers and businesses because for the first time we will be able to see how people are moving between devices, both mobile apps and desktop, before the convert on our website.
Just think about how many times you have used the Facebook app on your phone and found something that you might want to purchase, but you wait until you get back to your laptop or desktop to actually make the purchase? Probably a lot!
The new cross-device reporting will provide advertisers with insight into the cross-platform sales process that they haven’t had before. You will now be able to see how many people clicked on an ad on a mobile device but convert later on a desktop, and vice versa.
Why is it important to understand cross-platform user behavior? 
As marketers we know that metrics are key to understanding your audience, as well as showing the success of campaigns. In particular it is becoming more important that we look beyond a customer’s one interaction with our ad and look at their cross device interactions with our brand. Facebook reported that of the people who showed interested in a mobile Facebook ad in the US before converting, over 32% converted on a desktop within 28 days!
Facebook Cross-Platform Reporting
Learn more about Facebook’s launch of  Cross-Device Reporting on their blog: Measuring Conversions on Facebook, Across Devices and in Mobile Apps | Facebook for Business.