AdWords Will Require All Campaigns To Use Close Variants

The SEM/PPC world is about to experience a big change thanks to Google. Recently, Google announced that by the end of September a big AdWords change will take place. Moving forward AdWords will no longer allow advertisers to de-select close variants that they could previously opt-out of.
The following is the exact change that will be taking place as stated in the official AdWords blog:

Starting in late September, we’re applying close variant keyword matching, an intuitive way to connect people with the businesses they’re searching for, to all exact and phrase match keywords.

AdWords says that the change is happening for three reasons: for more successful matches, for advertisers to reach more customers, and to increase control with less complexity.
Read more about the change on the official post from Google AdWords:
Inside AdWords: Close variant matching for all exact and phrase keywords.
To learn about how this will shake up the PPC world, check out the following article from Search Engine Land:
Farewell ‘Pure’ Exact Match, AdWords Will Soon Require All Campaigns To Use Close Variants