How UMSL Alumni Arica Brown Built Her Personal Brand

arica brown
Modern dance, hip hop, improvisation, movement theory, contemporary jazz, break dance, musical theater, poms, lyrical dance, zumba and almost any other form of dance that comes to mind Arica Brown, the Founder | Artistic and Executive Director of Consuming Kinetics Dance Company, has instruct it to children and adults in the St. Louis area.

Arica passion for choreographer and educator is seen through her commitment to help teach dance to all ages in the St. Louis area no matter what level of experience a person may have.
Arica Brown obtained her Bachelor of Art in Dance from the University of Missouri at Saint Louis (UMSL). Initially starting off at UMSL she had no deal that she would major in dance and become the wonderful artist that she is today.

“I had little dance training prior to college. I began undergrad as an English Composition Major and when I was introduced to dance as an art form, I changed my major!”

She has also received a certificate in Somatic Studies from Washington University and to add to her already wonderful certifications, she is Zumba licensed. Arica has taught many dance master classes in St. Louis, is a guest dance coach at The Little Rock School of Dance, and has instructed dance classes for STAGES St. Louis and MediFit St. Louis.
arica brown personal brand quoteArica started focusing exclusively on her brand, Consuming Kinetics Dance Company (CKDC), in 2012. According to CKDC company overview video, “CKDC started as a performance ensemble in 2009 and quickly grew to a large organization of many artists with shared interests” (“Consuming Kinetics Dance Company is taking the next step!”).  Arica stated that she started CKDC because no one else was doing what she do well enough. She tried working for other schools and companies but she always wanted more, and was not given enough time to make more happen. She teach dance because bringing movement into people’s lives is this completely spiritual and beautiful thing. She choreograph because it’s her favorite outlet as an artist.
arica brown
Her rapidly growing organization mission is to be catalyst for life in motion by exposing artists and audiences to variations of time, space and energy through dance education and exhibition. CKDC offers classes to students 3 years old and up but, is best known for offering a full program of adult classes for adults who have never danced before all the way through professional dancers. Not only has Consuming Kinetics Dance Company works with dancers in the St. Louis area but, the organization has also worked with dancers around the global in countries such as Korea and Russia.
Recently, the organization has received its acceptance letter for a 501(c)3 and because of this CKDC will be able to solicit more funds to support their mission. CKDC has also been selected to perform at a variety of shows that were judged like 60 x 60, National Dance Week at Union Station, and Dancing in the Street. Consuming Kinetics Dance Company loves to network with other non-profit organizations. The organization has worked with Urban Future’s in-school enrichment program, by providing dance classes to inner city children. Also CKDC has worked with The University of Missouri – St. Louis in their Relay for Life events. Recently, CKDC has been featured on Fox 2 News for the partnership they did with St. Louis Style week. Arica was able talked a little bit about CKDC’s public performances for the event and was able to show off some of the organization’s dancers.
arica brownArica has uses social media to help draw awareness to her brand, CKDC.

We use Twitter  to stay connected to other companies and recognize our friends when they make accomplishments. We occasionally share dance stories. We use Facebook to post pictures of our company, market our classes and generally keep people up to date with our happenings. We use Instagram and Pinterest as well.”

Everyone who loves dance in the St. Louis area should follow CKDC on Twitter @CKDanceCO, Like on Facebook at, and Follow on Instagram @CKDC.


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