Free Event: Discover What’s New in Sitecore!

By: Peter Cartier, Senior Copywriter at
Inbound marketing through your website has proven to get the sales results at a fraction of the investment previous marketing strategies like TV, billboards or magazine ads required. And businesses are starting to notice.
At the heart of the inbound movement is personalizing and perfecting the customer experience, and to that end, one company is taking the future of business marketing platforms by storm. Continue reading “Free Event: Discover What’s New in Sitecore!”

Global Game Jam 2015 Recap

by Alexius Gandy, Senior BSBAGlobal Game Jam 2015
We have all been there: caught between a rock and a hard place.  When life presents us with challenges, how we face them often determines whether we go to the next level or not.  Sound familiar?  Which is what the sixth annual Global Game Jam (GGJ) captured in its’ theme this year: “What do we do now?”  The Global Game Jam is not a competition, its participants can range in age and technical skills and enthusiasm.  Continue reading “Global Game Jam 2015 Recap”