Free Event: Discover What’s New in Sitecore!

By: Peter Cartier, Senior Copywriter at
Inbound marketing through your website has proven to get the sales results at a fraction of the investment previous marketing strategies like TV, billboards or magazine ads required. And businesses are starting to notice.
At the heart of the inbound movement is personalizing and perfecting the customer experience, and to that end, one company is taking the future of business marketing platforms by storm.
sitecoreIf you haven’t already heard of Sitecore – you will. The powerful CMS platform gives your digital marketing team control over your website’s customer experience management ensuring all customers and prospects interact with your website on your terms. In short, Sitecore lets you own the experience.

“Sitecore has always been on the bleeding edge in terms of capabilities with its native features and open architecture. But, Sitecore 8 finally provides the simplified, marketer-oriented UI and suite of features I’ve been anticipating for years. Our team is looking forward to getting together with other Sitecore professionals and explore the new Sitecore Experience Platform.” – Aaron Branson, the Chief Marketing Officer of Roundedcube.

And to help businesses get a better understanding of this extensible platform, Roundedcube and have organized a special event to show the benefits of Sitecore and explain how it can be used to drive your organization’s bottom line. Sitecore has made some impressive improvements to their platform and now it’s easier than ever for your team to get started.

“Having worked with Sitecore since 2005 and seeing the leaps and bounds the platform has taken from a flexible CMS to an enterprise Experience Management platform, Sitecore 8 shows promise in that this is the first time I believe the platform takes a truly marketer-first rather than a developer-first approach. This meetup is going to give all of us Sitecore professionals and newcomers alike the chance to see how this will make a difference in our digital marketing operations.” – Aaron Branson, the Chief Marketing Officer of Roundedcube.

Here’s the Event details:

Event Name: “What’s New in Sitecore 8”
Hosted By: Roundedcube and
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Location: Microsoft 3 Cityplace Dr Ste 1100, Creve Coeur, MO
When: Wednesday, February 25, 2015 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM
How much: Free!
Event Description: Sitecore XP 8 has made some big changes as of late, including a completely new user interface which makes for a clean, consistent user experience for every Sitecore user. These changes have helped make Sitecore much quicker and easier to use. The purpose of this special meetup is to highlight these major changes and discuss with other Sitecore business users and developers what the impact can be for us. Roundedcube and have a deep knowledge of the customer experience platform and, as hosts, look forward to sharing their insights.
Where to RSVP: You can sign up for free here:
With only a handful of spots available, don’t wait to join and RSVP today!