UMSL Marketing Club Kickoff Meeting

By: Nicole Nelson
umsl marketing club dean speakingLast week UMSL’s Marketing Club had their first meeting of the semester.  The meeting turned out to be quite a success with 60+ students in attendance.  The focus of the meeting was to bring in new members and highlight some of the things that the club has done so far this year.
To kick things off Patrick Eberle, club President, brought the Dean of UMSL’s Business School, Charles Hoffman, up to say a few words to the students.  He talked about how well the School of Business is doing and how getting involved in extracurricular activities is important especially when it comes to building a resume.  After Dean Hoffman spoke next up was Wes Morgan, founder of Morgan Studio/East, speaking on what it means to be a chapter of the American Marketing Association.  Wes told the students “ there is value in becoming an AMA member through the marketing club and you will have access to a lot of resources through the professional and international chapters”.  He encouraged students to reach out to the professionals because they are always looking for a way to help students get to the next level in their education and/or career.
After Wes spoke to the students there was a short break which allowed the students to indulge in the many boxes of pizza, cookies and soda that were provided at the meeting.  During this time sign up sheets were passed around and students filled out the applications to join the AMA.  Several of the faculty members that attended walked around and chatted with the students while enjoying refreshments.  Once everyone settled back into their seats Brianna Smith,VP of Social Media Club St. Charles and UMSL MBA student, delivered a presentation on “Building Your Brand” online and different steps to take now as students that will set you apart from the rest when it’s time to job search.  One student asked if it was a good idea to have separate accounts setup on social media for personal use and one for professional use. Brianna didn’t think that it was necessary and that as long as you stay true to yourself and who you are and don’t post anything that would put you in a negative light that you should be fine.
After Brianna answered questions from students, Patrick wrapped up the meeting by reminding everyone of the upcoming events and activities the club will be involved in. this semester.  Students were encouraged to come out to the Volunteer Day at Earth Dance Farms in Ferguson on April 11th at 10am as a way of helping out the local community.
UMSL Marketing Club meetings are held once a month so UMSL students don’t miss out on your chance in becoming involved!
Check out pictures from the event below!
UMSL_MC_03_06_2015_090UMSL_MC_03_06_2015_094UMSL_MC_03_06_2015_128 UMSL_MC_03_06_2015_117 UMSL_MC_03_06_2015_103