WordCamp Brings WordPress Knowledge to St. Louis

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By Taylor Bartley
On March 14, over 300 WordPress users came together to learn about the capabilities of the ultimate blogging tool and publishing site, WordPress.com. Bloggers, small business owners, digital marketers, website coders and others came to the event eager to grow their knowledge about site creation. Day one was their big day filled with training on various topics related to WordPress.
The event, held at Washington University, started with a great morning talk from Michael Cain and Konstantin Obenland. They discussed current WordPress happenings and topics. After the Cain & Obenland In the Morning Show, the event went into breakout sessions.
The breakout sessions consisted of four thirty-minute sessions occurring simultaneously. This gave attendees a variety of choices for lectures to attend. The great part about the breakout sessions was that they were designed for both users and/or developers. Each thirty-minute time slot consisted of two lectures aimed toward WordPress users and two for developers. Since attendees had various levels of experience, they could attend any session they wanted to learn more about a certain topic.Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 12.45.14 AM
The best part of WordCamp in many’s opinion was the Happiness Bar. This was a place for people seeking help with their WordPress site (which happens as sites get more advanced). The “bartenders” helped troubleshoot common site issues and also answered questions about SEO, blogging and social media. That is our idea of a bar of happiness!
The event was fun, educational, motivational and a great opportunity for networking. For more information about this annual event, visit http://stlouis.wordcamp.org/2015 or follow them on Twitter @wordcampstl. Hope to see you next year!

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