Personal Branding Checkup

By Breanna Menendez-Phillips
Brand building is not just for businesses or corporations. Branding can also be personal – this type of branding is all about YOU. Personal marketing is not just about the way you present yourself, but also the way you behave within your networks.

Here are five essential tips for branding yourself:

Define your brand.

Think about what you want your success story to be. When determining your goals and passions, form a mission to stick to throughout your career journey. You may even be able to turn your passions into a side job or fulltime business.

Choose your brand name.

Your brand’s identity should speak for itself. When personal branding, it’s best to use your birth name or common name. You can create a new name, but it will be more beneficial to use your authentic name for consistency. If you’re representing yourself genuinely and the right way, opportunities will come pouring in!

Research your “industry.”

Find your competition, and then determine what makes you stand out from the rest. Whether you have a passion for coaching or baking, it’s essential to research as someone may already be pursuing your space. Don’t fret over competition – the importance of knowing your peers is so you can enhance your own brand by determining your differentiator.

Create a personal digital presence.

Creating and maintaining an online site, or “resume,” can net you exposure. Consider turning your passion into a website or blog where you can share your knowledge, product or service. Employers and investors are sure to ask for your personal site, so claim your URL now.

Uphold high brand standards.

Your personal brand image is more than a nicely designed logo. Your brand is your story, along with the images associated with it, and your level of integrity on a daily basis. Keep your brand updated and in check – don’t forget to “refresh” as needed.

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