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By: Kathryn Todd

launch1So, what is LaunchCoderGirl?

LaunchCoderGirl is an all-women’s coding meet-up. LaunchCoderGirl is part of LaunchCode, a non-profit aimed to create “pathways to economic opportunity and upward mobility through apprenticeships and job placement in technology.” This program allows women to network, learn and create. LaunchCoderGirl offers participants from all skill levels access to mentors and other learners.

Can I be involved without an IS or IT background?

Most of the women attending LaunchCoderGirl are completing Harvard’s CS50 Introduction to Computer Science Course. As the most dropped class at Harvard, this class is available for free and completion shows employers a willingness and dedication to learn. LaunchCoderGirl helps those who complete this course obtain apprenticeships, which usually last 3 months and often result in employment. For those who don’t have a background in IS, this program can help show employers their potential. This meet-up helps those who need help doing the problem sets for CS50, final projects, or those who just want to learn from other coders. Mentors help attendees explore Java, Hardware, SQL, web development, and web design.

How do I learn more about applying existing or newly acquired coding skills?

Every other week, CoderGirl features a speaker who either shares knowledge on coding or speaks about their IT based company. Asynchrony’s CTO Nate McKie recently gave guests an idea of the layout at his company, the general attitude of the company, how to get hired and information on the company’s products. These products include projects for firms like Emerson, Famous Footwear and Warner Brothers. Their project portfolio includes a military mobile field kit that assist troops with communication and problem solving, along with a project titled Navihealth that streamlines Urgent Care patient check in and monitoring.
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