Live from Venture Cafe!

By: Ricky Cheers, Lingru Kong, Lyndsey McKinney, Akeeva Pork
Want to get an inside look at one of the many networking events in St. Louis? Check out this video blog of a Venture Café Event.
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The event that we chose to film and write about was the Venture Café that took place on Thursday, October 15, 2015. The reason why we chose this event to talk about is because we thought that it would be helpful for anyone who would like to attend this event, but is skeptical because they really don’t know what it is about. We wanted this video to really broadcast some of the key aspects that this event would want its participants to take with them.
Venture Café program manager, Kaori Yazawa, explains exactly what a Venture Café event is all about. From her point of view, she believes that this event joins community members of all ages and races together so that they can all network and support each other.
Venture café events occur every Thursday and they cover a range of topics. Some topics that they have covered and will cover in the future are developing a strong marketing strategy and how to properly give a presentation. One of the main goals that this event aims to accomplish is to bring together a very diverse group of people that will utilize the workshops held every week in order to grow their skills and become more confident in their abilities.
Venture Café events are very professional and helpful. We would encourage anyone that is pursuing a business degree (especially a marketing degree) to attend these events. They are very insightful. Each event is held at the Cortex Innovation Building and presenters talk about a variety of topics each week.
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