Angela LaRocca Discusses UMSL Digital and Importance of Social Media Marketing

 By: Kelly Kunzel, Mary Hoffmann, Annie Valli, Justin Zieg
We sat down with local celebrity and UMSL Digital Personality, Angela LaRocca, an UMSL Digital Advisory Board member, to speak about UMSL Digital and the importance of social media marketing. In speaking with Angela about her role and the importance of social media marketing, it was hard to ignore the passion in her eyes upon the first question about her involvement. Though her various responsibilities with UMSL Digital, she spends a lot of time on camera based on her experience as an actress.  Aside from her role as a board member on UMSL Digital, she is also a Brand Manager at Unidev.
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What is UMSL Digital?
LaRocca “has a lot to offer” and there are so many ways to get involved. It is not only for students, but UMSL does an amazing job at involving staff and the community to bring St. Louis together. Videos are something LaRocca favors on the UMSL Digital blog due to her rigorous experience as an actress in several short films. The UMSL Digital blog also supplies various online blogs discussing anything from social media readiness to current events in Ferguson. There is something for everyone on UMSL Digital and so many ways to get involved.
Why should I care about Social Media Marketing?
Social media isn’t just for sharing photos with your friends. Business thrive online and social can be the best place to spread brand awareness. Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are great because it’s so easy to share content from person to person. Gone are the days of cold calling and newspaper ads. Businesses can spread the word online just with the click of a button and cut costs while doing so.
LaRocca says in the future, brands should not only stay relevant, but stay ahead. Don’t just discuss what’s current, but make sure to be ready for what lies ahead in the future. Start your presence online early to be able to best “define yourself”. Not only does this apply to company brand management but also your personal brand.
This was said best by Angela, “know who you are before others decide for you.”