Take a Look Inside Hatchbuck with CEO Don Breckenridge

By: Amy Cabanas
don-breckenridge-250x270If you haven’t heard of Hatchbuck, it is a sales and marketing software for small business that allows them the ability to really build their relationships with potential customers. Don Breckenridge is the leader of the engine building machine and he will be speaking at the #MDMC16 in April! Don’t miss this great opportunity to not only meet Don, but hear more about what Hatchbuck is doing that has made them so successful in a digital world filling up fast with competition.
Below you can get to know Don more before the conference, as he shares his perspective on trending industry topics in a recent interview.

Role of Wearable Tech

One of those digital aspects filling up quickly is the wearable tech industry. Don said that from a marketing perspective wearable tech is key for aiding in helping customers find what they are looking for more quickly. For instance, when is the last time you were in a big box store and couldn’t find anyone to help you, probably yesterday, well if you had wearable tech you would be able to navigate the store yourself. Don even suggests that it may help with suggesting other items that complement the one you went in for and it may even help you find discounts. As from the sales side it may provide a rep with immediate information about a contact, which we all know is key.

Digital Tactics for Small Businesses

A few other things Don may discuss during his speech at MDMC16 are content and valuable digital tactics for small businesses owners. To Hatchbuck and to Don, Content means value in and of itself for the customer. The education and engaging information that a prospect would find in content always helps a reader improve their current situation. Along with following up with these prospects on a consistent basis with personalized information that is relevant to them. Small businesses thrive on consistency.
Excited yet? Well here is a little more!
Regarding how to measures success of digital campaigns, Don broke down his 3 top metrics to measure:

Cost of Customer Acquisition; Time to Payback; Customer Lifetime Value / Cost of Acquisition. These are probably more SaaS than digital though. For straight digital, it’s # Inbound Leads Cost per lead and Lead Conversion Ratio Leads which drive our business, so if we keep those metrics in line, all of our other numbers for operations remain in line.

When prompted to discuss whether he thinks the web is dying because everything is moving to mobile and social we got a chuckle out of him. Don explained that “mobile is just a different screen size and plenty of people still have laptops and tablets. Mobile is growing quickly, but mobile is very limited in terms if functionality, especially for business. So, consumer facing is huge for mobile but for B2B, web is very important.”
Some final thoughts; we wanted to see how Don felt about what the next big disruption in the world of marketing and communications could be, so here goes. “Well, I think we are going to experience content overload and misuse of automation. Tools are advancing quickly, but people don’t know how to use them properly yet. It’s kind of like laws trying to keep pace with technology. But I think we will see much greater personalization in the content that gets delivered to the individual based on their needs and interests, stage of the buying process, etc.” I don’t know about you but I will be in the front row of his speech in April at the #MDMC16. See you all there!
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