Brandon Dempsey, Leading the Charge at goBRANDgo!

By: Robert Aguilar

brandon dempseyUMSL Digital would like you to meet Brandon Dempsey, partner and co-owner of goBRANDgo! and one of our speakers at the Midwest Digital Marketing Conference. goBRANDgo! works with companies looking to claim market share. Their team builds strategies and plans to assist firms with marketing and lead generation. They also oversee the execution of these strategies with their team of designers, developers, and managers. goBRANDgo! offers services like content and web development, design, multimedia, and coaching.
We got the chance to catch up with Brandon and do a short interview about the current and future state of marketing. Read it below! Remember to watch him speak at the MDMC in April!
What’s the future of wearable tech? Will it ever become a marketing platform?
“Wearable tech will probably get bulkier before it gets integrated. I think there’s great opportunity in wearable tech as it allows people to have more data. Devices need to be better combined and honed though first.”
What does content mean to you?
“Content to me is stuff you create and share with people. Writing, videos, pictures, poems, etc. Anything that you create and share.” This tended to be one of the more difficult questions for our speakers to answer as the question with the shorter answer is, what is not content?
What is the most valuable digital tactic for small business owners?
“Learn how to write and respond to e-mails. So many small business owners don’t learn this tactic and miss out on so many opportunities.” This is something that resonated with me because there is some truth to e-mail being overlooked these days. Many people argue that it gives the best ROI.
What is the digital “word of the year” for 2016 and what are your top 3 digital metrics?
“The digital word of the year is ‘medium’. As for the top 3 digital metrics, contact for completions, email referrals, and twitter followers.” This is what he attributes to success since they specialize in gaining companies exposure and market share.
As everything moves to mobile and social, it seems like the web is dying. Should we still care about the web?
“The web is the backbone now. You better care how to use it.” I tend to feel the same way, the web and the website in general are typically the backbone of the entire marketing campaign for many firms.
Marketing as a discipline seems challenged as organizations move away from silos. What kind of coursework should one pursue for a career in marketing? Do you believe the discipline of marketing will be blended into other academic pursuits?
“Marketing is now synonymous with statistics, business, leadership, entrepreneurship, and psychology. The better you know how to market, the better you know how to ‘sell’ and ‘position’ your ideas.”
What do you see as the next big disruption in the world of marketing and communications?
“ Lifecycle advertising. Companies that market to you of the lifecycle of interacting with their brand, for example, do not market the purchase of a new car to someone who just bought a new car. Instead, make them fall in love with your car by marketing the features and how to get the most out of it. Make them super brand loyal so they tell others about their purchase.”
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