#MDMC16 Speaker Feature: Cam Steed

By: Chase Kohler
cam steedAmong the top talent featured at this year’s Midwest Digital Marketing Conference is none other than Cam Steed! Cam is the founder and CEO of Smashed Abacus, a social media marketing firm in Ontario, Canada. While not spearheading this fledging firm, Steed keeps busy as a digital consultant and strategist. With his current livelihood ‘In the prime of my online life’, we are ecstatic to see Cam in person this April. Check out his interview below!
What does “content” mean to you?
“Content” is king. Is a complicated landscape of social media networks, ads, strategy and data, “Content” is the only thing YOU CAN CONTROL, and is the only thing on which your fans/subscribers can decide if you’re worth following. Content is the single most important thing a brand should focus on when it comes to social media strategy.
What is the most valuable digital tactic for small business owners?
Building a strong social network, after determining which social channels is best for their business. Also, trying not to be on more channels then you can manage – don’t spread yourself too thin.
What is the digital “word of the year” for 2016?
Privacy. Or Pay. Or Engagement.
What are your top 3 digital metrics?
Post Rate (how many times/day you post). Engagement Rate (how much is that content shared). Conversion Rate (how often does is lead to a consumer action).
As everything moves to mobile and social, it seems like the web is dying. Should we still care about the web?
Absolutely. As popular as social media is, Google is still the #1 way consumers research and educate themselves about products and brands.
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