Why You Should Not Pass Over Email Marketing

By: Frederick Eccher and Chris Dzurick
email marketingDespite email marketing being passed over as a relic by entrepreneurs chasing the next great technology, email marketing is still highly effective– and cost efficient to boot. Using your content as fuel to give users something of value and tying in some kind of social media integration, email marketing can serve as a type of glue to hold your other strategies together.
It also gives you recurring opportunities to reach out to an interested, dedicated lead pool, giving you compounding returns as your number of subscribers grows. As long as your offers are valuable, this strategy will eventually pay off.
Every business is unique and will have distinct marketing needs, but for the most part,marketing strategies can work for anyone. The foundational building blocks for even bigger and better campaigns can be effective on almost any level of budget. If you’re just starting out, start small with a moderate targeted investment and only scale up as you feel more comfortable and acquire more capital to invest.
As a brand new business, email marketing may seem overwhelming.  With many options on the market with many features, setting up your first campaign will be daunting.  However, here are some tips and tricks for you to kick off your email marketing campaign strong!

  • Responsive Design is Designed For the Consumer:  Many of your consumers will be accessing your emails from different devices.  Setting up responsive design in your emails means your text, photos, links, and general formatting will auto adjust to fit the frame of the window for all consumers.  When the consumer can read anywhere, they can engage with your brand anywhere.
  • Alt Text Can Save Your Message: Based on the email client your consumer is using, messages may be stripped of their images or images may be turned off; this can even happen on a mobile device, but is extremely common in Outlook based emails.  Alt text provides an “alternative text” in place of the image when the client strips the image.  Even if it is not pretty, the consumer may still get the base message and visit the landing page for more information.
  • Make Your Pre-Header Engaging: The pre-header is the small block of text at the top of the email.  When the email client scans the email to provide a preview for the consumer, it picks up this line of text and displays it for the consumer.  Using this line to entice the consumer to open the email and read may keep an email from getting deleted immediately.  You can actually disguise this email in coding or by changing the font color if you don’t want it actually seen in the email.