Link Up with Nicki Powers at #MDMC16

By: Stacy Bueneman

nicki-powersNicki Powers is a Marketing Automation Consultant at LinkedIn. Nicki provides strategic consulting services to LinkedIn advertisers and helps them optimize their campaigns through detailed segmentation and measurement strategies. Nicki is a Missouri native and currently resides in San Francisco with her family and Rottweiler puppy. We’re happy to have her as a speaker for one of the breakout sessions at this year’s Digital Marketing Conference on April 21st.
We recently spoke with Nicki about what we should expect to see in marketing in 2016. Read a little about our interview with her below:
What is the digital “word of the year” for 2016?
What do you see as the next big disruption in the world of marketing and communications?
Nicki shared that she believes search engines will become more sophisticated in the years to come. We’ve definitely already seen some of this happen recently; you can now do advanced searches to find exactly what you need, look for images of specific sizes, search for content released within a certain period of time, and even use an image as a search. With the strides technology is making we can expect to see so much more.
Nicki explains that “search engines will organically deliver relevant content to each individual based on his or her digital body language” in the near future. We imagine this will be very helpful to anyone performing searches. However, it’s very possible that this type of technology shift will bring some difficulties to marketers. To continue to be effective, they’ll need to learn how to adapt and optimize content for search engines on a broad scale.
To learn more from Nicki, attend her workshop at MDMC 2016!
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