#MDMC16 Speaker Feature: John Schmitt

johnschmitt-250x270By: Kathrin Hanke
MDMC16 speaker John Schmitt is the Operations Coordinator for the Digital Media Program at the Center for Visual Technology (CVT) at St. Louis Community College, Meramec. The CVT is a component of the Digital Arts and Technology Alliance and provides professional level facilities, hardware and software for use by students and faculty to learn the latest techniques and develop the skills required for professional digital media.
At CVT, John works with instructors and technical staff and investigates and implements current imaging technologies. His profession and interests involve a broad base of visual communication tools, which he shows on his own Dropr Portfolio. With his over 25 years’ experience in advertising and communications, he surely has some good advice for us!
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpuY6Amv6TQ]
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