#MDMC16 Speaker Feature: Edward Domain

By: Jacob Bryant
Edward Domain: veteran, TV personality, activist, CEO, and a speaker at this year’s MDMC! Edward founded what would become Techli in 2011 and came to St. Louis in 2012 after receiving an Arch Grant. Edwards’s company Techli created the TV show, ‘The Domain Tech Report”, which shows weekly on St. Louis Channel 9. His show discusses innovation news and technology that affects our daily lives, in business and at home. Edward not only created the show, but he hosts it as well. He interviews entrepreneurs and innovators from all over and his show has gained a following in St. Louis and across the nation. Interested viewers tune in online every week to see his show!
The story of how Edward got to his current position is almost as interesting as the man himself. An Army veteran, Edward has worked with the FBI, DEA, Border Patrol and participated in “Operation Bright Star.” Edward also graduated from the Army Airborne School as a paratrooper.
Unfortunately, Edward’s story also includes a negative event that had a large impact on his life. In 2013 Edward was involved in an accident while riding in a cab and was very badly injured. The cab he was riding in was uninsured and the accident landed him in a hospital for 6 months. Edward didn’t want to see what happened to him happen to others, so he became a political activist. Edward campaigned to make the St. Louis Metro Taxi Commission to enforce regulations for cabs having insurance and to make the residing Board Chair step down. He was successful in both ventures. Edward’s work resulted in the commission has doubling their insurance liability limits.
Edward is an extremely talented man and speaker, come see him discuss innovation and more at this year’s MDMC!
Follow Edward on Twitter at @EdwardDomain.