Redeeming Smart: Eateria Coming to #MDMC16!

By: Amy Cabanas 
Eateria is a digital loyalty marketing tool designed specifically for restaurant, food and hospitality businesses. They have a strong mission to empower their customers by giving them the tools they need to run successful establishments. Eateria is one such tool. They want you to build customer loyalty with their complete marketing platform for restaurants, food service and hospitality businesses. Eateria creates and sends unlimited beautifully designed emails, text messages, Facebook and Twitter posts in minutes. The platform delivers critical messages to customers via text message to the customer’s cell phones. This then in turn instantly reaches your audience wherever they are. Which is highly effective, with over 95% of messages opened. The client gets to choose from the largest collection of restaurant and food industry specific email templates, which are already optimized for mobile devices, like iPhone, Android, Blackberry and iPad.
If all of this hasn’t grabbed your attention by now, then wait till you hear this…you can track your marketing efforts too and you’ll get results right away with no guess work. Allowing companies to see how many emails were opened, shared on social media sites, and how many coupons were printed and redeemed at your business. This is a game changer for this industry and the first of its kind! By using this system any company in this industry can get coupons easily by validating every coupon by smartphone, landline or Internet. Which also allows for you to know your ROI and discover how many customers came into your restaurant and redeemed their coupons. Moreover, as we all know, will save time and money while creating customer loyalty.
Another amazing feature to Eateria is that it is the only restaurant loyalty tool offering you easy tracking and validation of your redeemed offers via your smart phone, text, landline or web. Oh and a big bonus….you don’t have to figure it all out on your own! They offer you the “know-how” by teaching how to get the most out of Eateria by providing education on the product, what to send, when to send and how to get the most return. Furthermore, we all know how crucial it can be to be on the ground floor of any idea when it comes to startups, and Eateria is the first digital customer loyalty company dedicated solely to the restaurant, food and hospitality industries.
So if you are planning to attend the #MDMC16 and you want to stop wasting time and money on expensive mailings make sure you don’t miss them at #MDMC16 on April 21st!

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