#MDMC16 Speaker Feature: Todd Budin

By: Hanni Alomare
Mr. Todd Budin specializes in product strategy and marketing and advertising for Nielson, where he is the Senior Vice President of Ad Effectiveness, as well as Talkbox, and Techstars.  As an UMSL alum, Todd works with Colorado’s tech and natural foods start-up community. Todd Budin has had his hands in numerous projects relating to technology and digital media.  His role is to help measure advertising for the purposes of the TV and digital mediums.
Mr. Todd is a digital integration and business leader. His long career in digital marketing solutions, including more recently at Nielsen, has evolved from offering independent, digital marketing offerings for different clientele into multichannel, integrated user-informed solutions. Todd’s digital marketing expertise comes against an extensive business and media-marketing career in different functions. His current leadership is, accordingly, an organic extension of a long career evolving in response to changing business and media marketing landscape.
Informed by such rich background, Todd, in his SVP Ad Effectiveness at Nielsen role, leads innovative work-groups in order to develop user-informed, effective platforms across social, TV and web channels. His expertise at Nielsen cuts across different business functions including, product/platform strategy, brand management, data analytic’s and agile experience.
Beyond Nielsen, Todd advises Talkbox and Techstars on strategic options for startup growth, agility, resilience and sustainability and was a member of Marketing Advisory Board at The University of Missouri – St Louis between 2013 and 2015. This community outreach and advisory roles played by Todd are, if anything, integral to his more formal, professional career. Indeed, Todd has participated in numerous public speaking events and has continued to advise, particularly startups, on issues of business strategy, growth and innovation. Todd is particularly interested in innovative naturally grown food solutions offered by start-ups in his Boulder, Co’s community.
Todd combines conventional, executive experiences in reputable corporations and more innovative roles (formal and informal) in his multiple, collaborative contexts, a combination which very few highly skilled professionals embrace.
Mr. Todd holds an MBA at The University of Missouri – St Louis and a BA in business administration and international business from Oklahoma State University. Mr. Todd is currently based in Boulder, Co and New York City.