Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Hosting a Twitter Chat

Twitter Cloud

By: Melissa Sullivan
Twitter CloudTwitter chats are a great way to help establish your brand as an expert in a particular area and interact directly with your customers. With a small investment of time, you can generate a broad awareness and increase engagement with your target audience. Planning is key to a successful chat. Here are five common mistakes you’ll want to avoid as you put your chat together. Continue reading “Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Hosting a Twitter Chat”

The Importance of Digital Marketing in Education

By: Alexandra Schenk
future of marketing in educationRecently, my alma matter was named a top 5 business school in the United States. While I wasn’t particularly surprised by this fact, I found myself surprisingly disappointed. I have been out of college for a little under two years and I resent my university for being praised on being a “#7 Marketing School” but having zero concentration in digital marketing. Continue reading “The Importance of Digital Marketing in Education”