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By: Gregory Pride

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Observing the Share of Ear report, the obvious takeaway is that podcast listening and awareness are all significantly on the rise. This year, more than half of the survey respondents knew what podcasting is, and that is very important. What that means is that now is a better time than ever before for a company or individual to start developing a brand via podcasts. There are a few possibilities for how a brand could be grown through this medium, but they require dedication and a great deal of patience.
The first, on the individual side, comes from the information about education. Podcast consumers are starting to become more and more like mainstream America, according to the study, so podcasts about very mundane or specialized topics could actually have an audience now. Shows about video games, movie reviews, or other aspects of pop culture could allow an individual to reach out to the market and gain a wider audience.
The biggest value for businesses is that podcasting allows them to reach out to consumers in a venue where they can’t easily grab their attention: the car. By creating a weekly or monthly show about topics of interest to their customer base, they’ll be able to expose consumers to their products while they’re just driving around. As long as the show is actually on a topic that the customers enjoy, this will be a great opportunity for businesses.
Most importantly, podcasting is a venue that’s constantly growing. The trend is rising upwards in every aspect, and individuals building themselves up or businesses growing their brands need to hop on the trend before the market is too flooded for them to gain ground.

314 Digital's 4th Annual Digital Marketing Showcase

screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-12-07-32-pm314 Digital will be hosting the 4th Annual Digital Marketing Showcase on December 7th at the Palladium in St. Louis.  If you aren’t familiar with the Showcase event, you’ve been missing a great opportunity to see some of the most innovative digital marketing creative and executions being launched from right here in St. Louis.  Think art gallery opening meets digital marketing.  While so much emphasis in digital marketing is put on data and analytics, this is a unique and fun way to celebrate the amazing creative and how it all comes together for brands into campaigns.
But it’s not all business.  Once you’ve had a chance to visit with the 12+ agencies that will be displaying their work, there will be a DJ, open bar, and heavy appetizers to continue the celebration (until 9pm that is).  The best part of the evening is that thanks to our gracious and generous sponsors, Oracle, Adobe, Teads, YuMe, AdTheorent, and Amobee, the entire evening is FREE to attend.  You can register at eventbright or at and make sure to share and bring some friends.
Each year we’ve seen exciting new work and been introduced to some of the leading designers and digital creative minds.  What will this year hold in store?  What ideas will become the next reality, or virtual reality?  We hope to see many new faces amongst the 300 plus digital and marketing professionals.