Learn About Brand Experience and The New Network from Melissa Hamilton

Learn About Brand Experience and The New Network from Melissa Hamilton
melissa-hamiltonMelissa Hamilton has over 14 years in digital and integrated marketing, focusing on bridging the gap between different channels and technologies.

Her client experience has spanned government, telecommunications, insurance, utility (specifically energy efficiency), retail and CPG. She has extensive experience in both B2C and B2B audiences.
Hamilton’s specialties are experience planning and producing across multiple channels – video, websites, social, banners, sponsorships, kiosks, multi-touch, mobile applications, games, email, database/ CMS, VR and interactive outdoor.
She has experience with media planning/buying, a number of serving and tracking tools, click stream analytics, research methodologies and tools, and integrated digital campaigns across SEM, SEO, CPC, CPM, CPA, Lead Gen, email, as well as widgets, mobile, social, webcasts/ podcasts, video, and wikis.
Q: What are some of the worst mistakes a business could make when it comes to content marketing?
A: The assumption that people WANT to watch their content and will seek it out – there’s so much information in the world today that much of our “content marketing” can get lost. The importance of great storytelling is even more critical than ever to gain attention and engagement.
Q: What do you think is next for content marketing? How will it evolve in the coming years?
A: Experiential will gain traction and therefore be inextricably linked to content marketing.  What I mean by this is that we’ll find that content will be reflective of real experiences, stories, immersive access to places you didn’t have before. We’re starting to see this more with VR, but it will go even further – how can you gain access to content, stories and experiences that you typically wouldn’t have.  And in turn, create content from that access.
Q: Social media marketing is free, right?
A: Trick question. Social media is just another channel for messaging – sure the platform may be “free” (so is launching an app in iTunes or making a phone call) but the infrastructure to use that tool and how you use it is key to it’s success.
Q: A small business owner has to wear many hats and time is always tight. What are some social media time management tips you have to help them stick with their social media campaign without losing a lot of time?
A: To me this is about storytelling – determine the story you want to tell over time (minutes, days, weeks) and lay out a plan.  Sure there are tools to aid in the management BUT if you have a story using these tools and keeping folks in engaged will move swiftly.
Q: Share your favorite digital marketing case study. What did you like most it?
A: We worked on the Share a Coke project in conjunction with a number of agencies – it was the synergistic efforts of all of these agencies to bring the full campaign to life that was amazing.  Our portion was working on custom printed cans available to create on site – the technology, digital marketing integration, and behind-the-scenes infrastructure to keep a number of systems up and running was great.
Q: According to you, what are the top three mistakes committed by organizations today in leveraging digital marketing?
A: 1. Speaking to themselves.  Many marketers THINK they have to have XYZ in their marketing or on their website when really their audiences only need X. Discover what your audience really wants. 2. Overthinking functionality.  If a user can get weather, directions etc. easily via Google then they don’t need it from you.  Find ways to integrate. 3. Overlooking simplicity in experience.  Sure there’s layers of complexity that may happen behind the scenes, but nothing beats a simple, beautiful experience.
Q: Which are your three favorite digital marketing tools?
A: I’m in experiential marketing – so my tools are best expressed through ways to keep a number of events in market around the world at my fingertips 1. Event management systems. 2. Social aggregation tools. 3. Nothing beats shared publishing platforms like Google.

Q: What are the top 3-5 skills you look for when hiring a candidate for digital marketing profile?

  1. Hard worker – you can’t skate by tech.
  2. Curious mind – you have to love tech, figuring it out, and discovering new things.
  3. Self-starter – waiting around for someone else to figure it out won’t fly.
  4. Keeping the calm – naturally some aspect of your tech won’t work at some point.
  5. Great communicator – tech can be intimidating, being able to articulate the information is key.