Boost your Digital Marketing Knowledge with Tips from #MDMC17 Speaker Nicki Powers

By: Brittney Hager
Blog headerThe Midwest Digital Marketing Conference (MDMC) is quickly approaching, and UMSL Digital had the pleasure of participating in a Twitter chat on March 7, 2017 with Nicki Powers. Nicki will be speaking at the conference about marketing ROI in the digital age.
Nicki is Head of Marketing at Oakwood Systems Group, a digital consulting firm that specializes in the full .NET stack. She specializes in demand generation marketing, and is a self-proclaimed social media junkie.
During this Twitter chat, Nicki shared some helpful tips for potential digital marketers and those who might attend MDMC this year. UMSL Digital had a few questions for Nicki, and here are some thoughts that she decided to share during the chat.
What suggestions do you have for the young marketers out there that are just starting their careers?
You’ll have to learn to market yourself, first before anyone will hire you to market their brand(s). I suggest becoming very familiar with how #digitalmarketing leads directly to revenue. Always know your worth.
Can you give us a name or two of the best influencers in your field out there right now?
I personally have been strongly influenced by @peeplaja and @Gladwell. Read everything they write and memorize it!
How do you take advantage of conferences like MDMC to better yourself and your employer?
Diversity of thought is a game changer – this is universally true no matter your profession. #MDMC2017 brings fresh ideas.
Nicki provided great thoughts, and also answered questions during the chat from Brianna Smith and Vernon Ross who will be speaking at MDMC 2017 as well. Don’t miss out on these great tips before attending the conference! For the complete Twitter chat with Nicki Powers, please visit