Twitter Guide: JetBlue Shows Us How to Tweet

By: Pablo Romero
Twitter has become a major tool for marketing. Whether you are a company big or small having a twitter connects you to people all over the world and it opens communication in a much larger scale than anything seen before social media. People and companies are having conversations every day and the barrier between customer and brand is being broken down. Being able to communicate with customers in a more direct and personal fashion builds trust and favorability which can give your brand an edge.
However, maintaining a twitter account is hard work, and not many people can get it right. Whether it is a lack of response or content, not devoting enough time to the account can make or break your twitter presence. If used right, however, twitter can facilitate branding, customer support, networking, internal communications and advertising. One of the companies that is best taking advantage of this tool is JetBlue Airways, who according to HubSpot, is a brand who just “does it all”. They have conversations with people and engage in trends. They are hailed as one of the best twitter accounts out there.
“How do I become them?”, you ask. Below are five steps to make your twitter campaign take off like JetBlue’s.
Handles are the IDs of twitter. The handle you pick will be all over Twitter, so it better be a good one. It must reflect your brand and should be short and simple. This is how customers will look you up, mention you, and slide into your DM’s to voice any questions or concerns.
Bios in twitter are important because they give the people a glimpse of who you are and what you do. They should attract people enough to say “Ok you seem cool, I’ll follow you.” JetBlue keeps it simple but friendly and inviting. A good bio can let the customers know that there’s an actual person behind the account as opposed to a faceless corporation.
Profile pics, page headers and background images are windows to your brand. They are literally the face of your company on twitter. They will catch people’s attention and inform them about your brand at the same time. Which is why it’s important to be mindful of what your pics are:

  • Profile pics should be the logo
  • Headers should let people know what you’re about and show the current campaign message – JetBlue’s Twitter header is doing just that. It is a picture of one of their jets with a sunset sky and a rainbow from nose to tail. It promotes that they fly to vacation destinations around the world.
  • Background should match the identity of the brand

Content should appeal to your target but it should also match the voice of the twittersphere. Laid back tweets full of emojis, GIFs and memes usually have the best results. JetBlue posted a great example for Mardi Gras. It had a cool witty caption, pictures of beads and the hashtag #DestinationFriday, which generates conversation amongst travelers. So that post is not only humorous, but it grabs the attention of their followers so they see that JetBlue is an option for transportation to get them to the fun destination of a NOLA Mardi Gras. The best brands don’t take themselves too seriously on twitter, which generates trust and makes people relate and engage, as well as form a connection to the brand.
The most successful twitter campaigns are those who engage with their fans. When people @ you, you better reply to that tweet because that engagement multiplies on twitter. If users know a brand responds, they are most likely to have a positive perspective of the brand. Bonus points if you make fun of things like Wendy’s twitter account or provide useful information like JetBlue.
With the increase of usage in social media, it is important to understand the benefits that can come from a business having an account like Twitter. The brand-customer connection this social media platform can provide is priceless and JetBlue is one of the many companies that understands how to use these benefits to their advantage, and the result is stronger brand loyalty and the positive outlook of the brand.