3 Big Reasons Nutella's Facebook Page is Worth the Like and Follow

By: Brittney Hager and TJ ShefferFacebook can easily be viewed as one of the most popular social media networks. People, young and old, enjoy using Facebook for socializing, picture sharing, and liking the pages of many of their favorite brands. For this reason, businesses are using this social media platform to engage and push out content and offers to their consumers. Facebook is a great platform to use for these things because so many consumers love brands that they can feel they have a personal connection with and that they can advocate for through their page.
One brand that has been successful in this, is Nutella. Although their brand should market solely their hazelnut spread, Nutella incorporates fun and innovative content into their Facebook page that continues to draw in customers and gets them to engage with the brand. They were ranked #4 by Hubspot on “The 16 Best Facebook Pages You’ve Ever Seen.”
Here are three ways Nutella is doing Facebook right:

  1. Providing Engaging Content and Responding to Consumers: 

Nutella does a fantastic job of putting out fun, creative content that gets great consumer reactions (likes, loves, wows, comments). Many of their pictures that they share show different ways how someone could potentially use the product. This is a fun way to show off the various uses that the product has, such as Nutella waffle kabobs or Nutella Pancake Cupcakes. Their videos are also lighthearted and fun.
One of Nutella’s greatest assets is their responses. When consumers comment on a post, positively or negatively, a company has got to respond in an efficient and sincere form. Their responses are well thought out, and focus on the comment that they are replying to. This helps to ease unhappy users as well: Check out this comment concerning the sugar content in Nutella.

  1. Strategic Profile and Cover Photo:

A good profile and cover photo is extremely important for a business to include on their Facebook page. Nutella’s profile picture is simply their product, but by keeping that consistently as their profile picture, it doesn’t confuse their customers about who they are or what they are selling. Nutella’s cover photo is a pancake with Nutella on it which is used to make a smiley face. This is cheerful, and it gives the illusion that eating Nutella will make you happy. Most of their cover photos are pictures like this that resemble happiness.

  1. “About” Section:

The about section is self-explanatory. The main purposes for this section are to provide a description and the milestones of the company. For Nutella, they did a good job of executing these two things. In their “about” section, they explain what their product is, a description of what it tastes like, and what foods you can use the spread on. It also mentions that the company has been around for 50 years, which is a big milestone for many companies. In the same section they offer consumers a link to their actual website, just in case someone wants more information about the company.
With all the competition floating around the digital world, standing out for a brand is extremely crucial. Nutella does this by incorporating these three things into their Facebook page to link happiness to their product. We don’t know about you, but we’re happy when we sit down with some Nutella!