#MDMC17 Live: Getting to Know the Speakers

By: Brittney Hager
Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 10.17.35 AMThis year’s Midwest Digital Marketing Conference (MDMC) was a great opportunity to gain some new knowledge in the digital marketing world. With so many unique and insightful speakers, many people were sitting there like sponges trying to soak up all the tips, opinions, and insights that many of these speakers offered during their sessions. Fortunately, a few of these speakers stopped by for a live interview with “In Your Business with UMSL Business” podcast, conducted by UMSL Business students. Three speakers, in particular, shared some of their thoughts on their future industries and some advice to those interested in their fields.
Jered Schneider
UMSL Business student Hal Deane had the pleasure of speaking with Jered Schneider who is the General Manager at SnapShot Interactive, an award winning video production and web firm. Jered shared his thoughts on how many consumers favor buying products that include a video from e-commerce sites and how companies are utilizing these videos to connect deeper with their customers. He also shared his feeling on virtual and augmented reality and where he sees this industry heading in the future.
Ben Williams
Ben Williams, Director of Communications and Operations at the Cologne based Eyeo, was interviewed by an UMSL Business student Jerry Strutynski. Eyeo is known widely for their AdBlock Plus browser add-on. Jerry talked with Ben about the controversy and negative thoughts attached to the AdBlock Plus add-on and how he and his company handle those thoughts in their industry. In the interview, Ben described the two directions that he sees ad blocking going toward in the future. He also spoke about how the procedure of “white listing” ads will be changing very soon, and the importance of allowing quality ads to be seen by viewers if they want to allow them.
Dre Baldwin
The third speaker that UMSL Business had the opportunity to speak with was Dre Baldwin, the world’s only “Work On Your Game” expert. Baldwin is also an expert on mental toughness, confidence, and discipline. He teaches traits that someone would need to be successful as an athlete and how to apply those traits in the business world. In this interview, UMSL Business student Curtis Hoffman spoke to Baldwin about his journey from playing professional basketball and how it transformed into the career he is currently doing today. He discussed what exactly “Work On Your Game” means and why it is important to him. He also mentions the impact that Youtube had on creating his own personal brand and how Youtube has changed over the past few years. Curtis also asked about the national campaigns that Dre has worked with and Dre provided insight into how it is to be an influencer for big companies. He also shared a few tips for potential entrepreneurs in this interview as well.
To listen to full interviews, click here.
MDMC is an amazing opportunity to hear from speakers such as these three, and so much more, about their journeys through their careers and where they also see their careers heading in the future. New podcasts are coming soon, so stay tuned in!